Sunday, December 2, 2012

Conjuring Old Spirit Or New Spirit?

If one has involved in conjuration for quite some time, a frequent question that comes into mind is: “Which spirit is best; an old spirit or a new spirit?”


By old spirit I am referring to those really old spirits, perhaps over hundreds years old; or even thousands of years old. It is quite rare to find an ancient spirits around our dwelling now-a-days, unless we go to a historical site to call up an ancient spirit. New spirits on the other hand, are plenty; one can almost catch a spirit on the street.


My experience is that it is best to use a new spirit than an old one. The reason is pretty simple: the older the spirit is, the advice you will get is always out of date. For example one of my experiences is that I had an ancient Egyptian princess said to be of 4000 years old and when I asked her to solve my credit card problems; the respond I would get is: “What is a credit card?” and “What is money?”


Another example is that the longer a spirit stays in this world, the lesser can it influence our physical world. My ancient spirits can hardly do anything but to give me advices; but my new spirits were able to interfere with my radio and handy reception. Some even have the ability to topple my ritual drum and manifest physically, not to mention to show up in my dreams. And they would not ask me to explain the function of a credit card and money.


So, unless one is interested in knowing how ancient people live, it is still better to conjure up a new spirit to save you the trouble in explaining to it all the techno terms it probably hasn’t any clues on. Just imagine if you have conjured up a spirit of ancient Chinese emperor, the only thing you hear is: “I will have your head chopped if you don’t follow my order!” And how do you like it ;-)?


Conjuration is fun, instead of video games; why not give it a go J!

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