Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Believed To Be Destined (信是有緣)

This is the 499th posting on MagicSEA and Christmas and New Year is just around the corners.


I never thought I could have so many resources to write about; but except for a few friends, the rest are silent majorities. If this is the case, so let’s be it.


There are many people interested in magic, many just try a few mantras or most just like to read about magic. For all the friends, I hope you enjoy the materials posted here. Some of those materials, I have spent a lot of money (more than you can imagine) to get; presented here for your reading pleasure. Many of the masters out there jumped as I revealed these materials. Please do believe me that many of the rituals here are dying arts, many of those spells will be lost in a decade or so.


Many people like me spent much time and resources in collecting and keeping this occult knowledge. But as I have posted in the “last of SEA magician”; people gets old, ritual items get lost and forsaken, and many of the magicians want to move on to next stage in life. So if you like magic, do keep some copies of the rituals at hand.


Last but not least, I have summarized the main requirement to learn and success in magic is basically only one sentence:



“Believe to be destined.”


Still same old saying: try to believe. But do not abuse magic rituals; you are most likely to hurt yourself than to hurt your opponent.



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