Sunday, December 9, 2012

Concerning Magic Wands

An ebony wand, an olive wand and an sycamore wand
A magic wand is a magician’s single most important tool whatever the magical tradition is long before Harry Potter stories come into play. We find the use of wand in Western magic systems and also the Eastern magic systems. The use of wand in the Western magic such as Wicca, Solomon or New Age need not be elaborated as there are assortments of wands to choose form in the market now-a-days.


In Thai magic, a wand is also called a “maikru” and it mainly used for curing sickness, to win over enemies, to cure spirit possessions, for authority etc. Basically a wand in Thai magic seems to be much superior to the one in the West:



I am indifferent as a wand is a wand for directing energy and for controlling spirits.


So how should one use a wand? First, I would give a name to the magic wand and consecrate it accordingly. Of course, wand made from different material has very specific usage: a bone wand is normally for necromancy, an ebony wand is for black or grey magic while an olive wand is for white magic etc.


The magical uses of a wand:


·         Spirit communication

o   Draw a door with your wand and visualizing a door really existed in front of you.

o   Call out the name of the spirit you want to connect.

o   Invert your wand and symbolically know the door 3x.

o   Meditate to wait for the spirit to come.

·         Clearing bad aura

o   Hold your wand in your right hand and raise your arms above your head then swing your hands down sideways and cross your wrists somewhere near your belly; forming a circle.

o   Use the wand to trace the contour of your aura to remove psychic parasites.

·         Dismissing undesirable spirits

o   Use the wand to make a sweeping action around your room or house then point your wand towards the main door. Do the action a few times and the spirits will know they are not welcomed.


And many more applications limited only to your imagination J!


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