Tuesday, December 25, 2012

In Final Search Of Invulnerability

There is a Chinese saying:
I try to translate as closely as possible:
“Let it be lost, lest fall to the wrong.”


Passing on magical knowledge used to be a challenging job as a magician will need to identify a correct successor. Well, one could probably pay a fee to get what one wants but are we getting the correct transmissions? Or what we get is only a manual that is erroneous?


Many masters I once knew will keep one or two important rituals for their own protections and to prevent the betrayal of their disciples. Nothing wrong you say? Think of the accumulated impact if the magic system has gone through 10 generations of magician and what is left of it.


There are many friends spent great amount of resources and time in search of ‘real’ magic and power; I just take one of the mail I received recently:


“I am 58 years old and i have been searching for some form of real

power in the way of i supose you could say a martial art

energy, although i have never learnt a martial art. I have for the past

10 years visited indonesia in my search for some fairytale book power.

I have been from one end of indo to the other, and talked to many

masters and tried all the systems they have claimed to give

supernormal powers. I have had the best of masters give me susuk,

transferr ilmu kebal, tenaga dalam, i have done 2 years of jurus, i

have taken talisman in the form of tablets water oil. i have had magic

belts, i have had aximats, i have said 300,000 mantras over 7 days, i

have said mantras for 3 months non stop at night, i have spent endless

hours in meditation,this is just to give you a few idears on what i

have done, to get some real power,and i wont mention some of the

devilish things i have had to perform in my quest to get some power.

The result from all these things i have done was if anything it was a

very small or weak sign of if any power where i could do a demo of

ilmu kebal, and i mean a weak demo.I n my 10 years i have only met one

man that could really deom to me he had real super power, and i think

you will know of him. The man was the famious John Chang. Now he is

one man that can do anything that you can think of in any way form or

sing to show his unreal super power. How ever to gain any sort of the

power he has, is unrealistic to gain,in fact it is impossible in our

way of life to get any power from his system. .”


By the way, John Chang used tricks although Chi energy exists.


I really respect this friend as I am pretty sure that no one amongst our magic fans is as serious and as devoted as my friend above in searching for power. He is indeed the ‘final seeker’ I know!


Hence there are two dilemmas: an inspired student afraid being cheated and a genuine master afraid to pass down real knowledge. What is left of magic, I will let you with some detective work to find out.


Happy New Year!



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