Monday, December 17, 2012

From Orang Bunian With Love

Did I tell you about my last trip into realms of Orang Bunian?
Okay. I did a ritual on a boulder in a river and found myself walking along a muddy path. While I was walking happily for a while, I found myself at the entrance of a small village. There was a morning market, so I passed through the market assembly. Just at the end of the market, there was as small stall selling beverages. So I just stopped over to ask the stall keeper for guidance.
The stall keeper was a dark skinned uncle, he was kind of a friendly guy; so he asked where were I heading and invited me to sit on a chair while passing me a cup of hot black coffee. After that he just sat beside me and we chatted about almost anything and then the conversion turned to love affairs. The uncle just took out a piece of cigarette and chanted below poem repeatedly.
Cigarette love spell:
“pucuk tembakau daun tembakau
patah sebulan putri putri
si (name)merantau seperti orang mabuk
gila tak gila kepada aku
engkau sembah pd ALLAH engkau sembah
berkat nabi adam di hidupkan ALLAH”
After that, this uncle asked me to use it for good. Before I can open my mouth, he seemingly noticed that I don’t smoke; so he gave me another poem:
Unknown love spell:
Allahumma jayapun hunan
Hai malaikat syarabul jalil
Hancurkanlah hati si (say name)
Seperti air dalam daun keladi
Supaye tunduk gawuk kepadeku
Berkat doa Laa Ila Hailallah
Berkat Muhammadarasulullah”
I am sorry that I can’t remember more details about how the spells are used as I felt a force was pulling me back to reality. So, try out and let me know.


  1. Hi Shih,

    are u sure u allowed to share this? Sometimes without the berkat of the guru it is of no use. You can email me if you don't mind for the reply.

    1. Hi,

      Yeah. Sharing is okay.

      You're right... the above mantras cannot work with ordinary people.

  2. should we smoke the ciggerete once the prayers is done

  3. should we smoke the ciggerete once the prayers is done