Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Talk Concerning Kejawen

Since we have look into many Kejawen rituals already. So, let us have a simple talk about Javanese magic rituals in general; many people have performed these rituals in the hope to get richness and power in order to satisfy our worldly desires. Normally people only choose to perform these rituals because of need and urgency to get money. So let go over one by one:


Scared mountains


People will go to certain caves or jungle to fast in the hope to get guidance from spirits. The fasting period ranges from 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, 40 or even 100 days depending on the extent of the wish: it is either for money, invulnerability or for magical power; or even political power to destroy oppositions.


The general ritual to get favours from mountainous spirits is as below:


Prepare benzoic incense, 7 types of flowers, perfume and mantras to call upon the spirits. Normally a messenger will approach the person to ask what the favour he/she wanted is; so answer to the messenger that it money/love/power that he/she is looking for. The messenger will list out a list of requirements that one must follow. Many times the spirit will ask for human sacrifices but it will be up to the individual to judge the appropriateness of such a request. At times, the spirit will also request one of the requester’s children is given to the spirit as a foster child.


Scared Grave


If a person is only looking for money, then a queen will appear. However spirits of crocodile, snake, tiger, monkey, wild boar, buto ijo, buto merah etc. are also capable of providing a person with treasures.


If it is the magic power one is seeking, then the spirit will take the form of a pious person with a turbine. The knowledge normally transferred is concerning flying, invulnerability to sharp weapons, invulnerable to fire etc. The one who seeks magical power must consume 1, 3 or even 7 bullets depending on the power requested. The power can also be transferred to the descendants for the next 7 generations.


One can also ask for “money sucking” power, but the person must behave as if a holy man and do good deeds. The spirit that can “suck” money or fortune is normally in the form of a dog. It can smell out the place with abundance money and inform its owner of such location; or it can slowly steal from the rich and pass the money to the owner. In this case, this doggy spirit also functions like a Toyol, but with a boost. On the same count, a boar spirit also can “suck” money as above, but it only acts at night.


Sacred Sea


Alliance rituals can be made between a mortal person and Queen of the South Sea or Queen of the North Sea; depending on one’s location and liking. Whatever the case is, the procedures are the same. So we would just look into the ritual of having a pact with Nyi Blorong.


For those who want to obtain some gold scales form Nyi Blorong, first he must have a pact with the queen. So the first step is to perform the ‘mbucal badan’ ritual (fasting and meditation) on the Beach of South Sea for 40 days and 40 nights. During the ritual Nyi Blorong will appear and give the person specific requirements for the alliance.


Once the requirements are obtained, the person will be able to see the spiritual realms of the Palace of South Sea. The following ritual will be performing the float offering in the South Sea. The main offerings are 2 branches of pisang raja, betel nuts, shredded batik, complete market snacks and diverse plant potatoes or commonly called 'pala kepandhem'. These offerings are divided into two portions and put on two brass plates.


On the first brass plate, additional three long clothes and 6 pieces of chest clothes must be included. In addition a sand mat covered by mori cloth. Finally one must also include perfume, hundred types of incense and coins worth of 100 rupiah.


While the second brass plate must be filled with 2 pieces of long clothes and 4 pieces of chest clothes, perfume, 100 types of incense and coins worth of 100 rupiah.


The above offerings must be done on yearly basis on the same date and same time in order to keep the pact.

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