Sunday, December 23, 2012

Triple Cycle Conjuration

My view of a universal conjuration model
A question asked: “Can we have a mixed-mode magical system?”


A mixed-mode system is a New Age product: for example in some New Age occult books we can see people conjuring Kali, Hecate, Fudo Myo-o, Taoist gods and goddess all in one go.


My view is that it is indeed possible: I use a layering method but I won’t actually mix all the systems together. For example: I would invoke Solomon spirits in one setting, after that I would invoke the Thai, Taoist or Tantric deities in the following setting.


Sounds complicated?


Well, not really.


If you still remember the “ring of power” diagram?


Okay. I make used of a “triple cycle technique”:


·         Opening in the Name of God

·         First conjuring the Biblical angels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Ariel)

·         Second conjuring the Islamic angels (Jibril, Mikil, Isrofil, Izroil)

·         Third conjuring the Taoist or Thai deities

·         Dismissing Taoist or Thai deities

·         Dismissing the Islamic angels

·         Dismissing the Biblical angels

·         Closing with the thank of God


My first two cycles of conjuration only act as “controls” for the third and final conjuration.


In a triple cycle conjuration technique, no spirits can have any funny business with a conjuror as they are being watch over by powerful Archangels of God. But then and again, even Archangels do trial the boundary of a conjuror. So one must also be on guard with what he/she has learnt. The Divine power is actually quite harsh to the weak ones; those who have tempted the boundaries of Angelic energy will understand what I have just said.


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    1. "The Seal of Saints" and "The Seal of Jesus" is simply the sentence "In the Name of God." This is the grace that God given to the saints to use His Name.

  2. Chanced upon your fascinating blog, & was reading entries until 6am this morning! (I know, not particularly healthy… but such is my karma)
    Wouldn't the Buddhas or Hindu deities be higher up?
    I know the Indian folk gods would be classified as local, but Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva & their consorts are considered primordial, cosmic entities… would you rank them as archangels? Or just manifestations of "God"?
    Just wondering what your thoughts are on Buddhist & Hindu deities.

    Thank you for writing & stay safe!

    & wow. Just checked the date. You wrote this entry on the same date as today, exactly a year ago… FREAKY!