Monday, December 10, 2012

Medicine According To The Birth Day

The old Malay society has a set of rules to cure sickness, below is just one of the rules of medication according to the date of birth. Perhaps people don’t follow it anymore, but good to have it record down for your reference.



The cure red turi leaves, cinnamon, pulosari fennel, kencur rice, asam kawak plus a little salt. All the ingredients are pureed and then apply as cream on to the body of the sick.



Crush some Garlic and used as cream to apply on the sick body



Mix cinnamon, green coconut and sugar cubes together and let the sick consume.



Mashed garlic mashed mixed with the original perfume and the mixture is applied onto the sick body.



The parents of the patient must be patient.  Try to see a physician/doctor.



Same remedy as in Thursday.



Lempuyang leaves and cinnamon are mashed together for later use as cream to apply on to body.


It is best to recite prayers to empower the above potions before applying them, or at least one must recite the prayers for 7 times.


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