Thursday, December 13, 2012

Magical Treatments For Insect Bites

Insects’ stings or bites present problems to persons who love outdoor activities but with sensitive skins for a single ant bite will cause the skin to swell and become red and in some instances the swelling takes a long time to recover and even upon recovery, the place will leave with sting marks. So I have collected some of the unorthodox methods for some common insect bites:




·         A more effective way is to mix some tobacco ash with a little saliva and then apply onto the bite mark; soon the swelling or itch will subside.

·         If you are tormented by mosquitoes in the summer and cannot sleep, recite the mantra: “天地太明,日月太晴,陰陽太和,急急如律令。” The mosquitoes will leave you for good.




·         Burn the white part of onion stem then apply on the part stung by bee.

·         Write “丙丁火” on the ground, recite “丙丁火” 7 times and then take the dirt to apply on the stung place.

·         Use sweet potato juice or yam leave stem juice and apply on the wounds.




·         Scramble a chicken egg then apply the mixture onto the wound.


Any other poisonous insects


·         Write the word “” on the bitten part.

·         Mesh the leaves of morning glory and apply on the wounds.

·         Recite mantra: “不要忘了明藏王和站在河邊的娘娘” (do not forget the king of Ming Zhang and the lady who stands by the river).


Still, I must caution; seek modern medical attentions first and the above methods are not meant to replace a doctor’s medication.

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