Monday, December 3, 2012

People Who Don’t Know They’re Dead

If you still remember my pal, Jeffery the hostel owner in Johor Bahru. Seems his Javanese step mother and some of his tenants don’t know they’re already kicked the bucket and keep appearing in his hostels. I have no problems with that; it is only Jeff’s lady tenants were scared out of their wits. On the other hand, Jeff also suffered from lack of sleep because he was pulled out from his bed in the middle of the night to handle the situations. These conditions continued for several weeks and Jeff was at the edge of nervous breakdown and finally decided to give me a call (again).


I found Jeff’s hostels are good place to study spirits and full of paranormal activities due to various backgrounds of his tenants. So again I obliged, also in the hope to replenish more quality spirits for my getting demanding customers. Okay. Below are three cases that I have got to handle:


Case 1


Jeff’s Javanese step mother has a history of high blood, diabetes and heart problems. She was hospitalized in a coma situation after eating some curry squid and lobsters. After struggle for 3 weeks or so, she was pronounced dead by the doctor. So everyone think the story ends here right? On the contrary, strange things started to happen in Jeff’s hostel at night. Tenants were reporting disturbed by the spirit of Jeff’s mother going around knocking on door at night collecting monthly rental. Sometimes people also saw this Javanese spirit sitting on her usual arm chair in the corridor, this spirit can even chat with the unwary passerby. When people wanted to take a second look at the apparition, she has vanished into thin air.


Case 2


One of Jeff’s tenants Kenny was a laborer from Sarawak. But Kenny has met with an unfortunate accident and fell to his death at his workplace a month ago. So his room was later vacated and ranted out to another single man, Gopal. What I found very interesting is that not long after Gopal has occupied the room, Kenny’s ghost appeared in Gopal’s dream several times warning Gopal to vacate the room or he will haunt Gopal for all eternity. So Mr. Gopal gave Jeff an ultimatum: get rid of Kenny’s restless spirit or he moves out!


Case 3


A couple rented a room with Jeff in one of his hostel. One day the couple had a heated argument because the wife found out her hubby had an affair with a lady next door. Perhaps it was just over the wife’s head, or perhaps she just want to threaten her husband, the wife committed suicide by consuming weed poison. So another life flies in the haste of a stupid decision. After mourning for a few days, the husband and the lady next door decided to stay together to save cost; after all, there is “no one” in between them anymore. So they thought. Soon after the new couple put together, whenever the couple want to have intimate act; they will find “someone” is cold and stiff is lying between them. So who do you think this “someone” is?


Oh, did you ask what I did with the spirits? I just bottled them up, repackaged and resold. After all, there is no law against “spirit trafficking”J!

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