Sunday, December 9, 2012

Conjuration By The Photo

Have a heart to heart talk to photos of the artists you like, and they may come to you!

Mr. Ong showed me an article written by David Guadino (a psychic) as follows:


“We can talk to photo of a dead or alive person as he/she actually there. For example, asking a strayed son to return home. He said photo has the soul of that person. It works on pure psychic energies without spiritual assistant. We don’t have to be a skilled hand, only a clear mind to do this.”


Sometime ago I have done an experiment to try out if the above holds true:


 I cut out the photos of accident or suicide victims within the 7 days of the mishaps, meditated in front of the photos, stared into their eyes and call their names and guess what happened?


-          A strong wind entered my house and toppled my ritual drum.


-          I heard whispering at my ears, if the victim was a woman, then a female voice.


-          I dreamed of the person.


-          I saw white light, or perhaps materialisation of spirits.


-          My radio was making noises such as “tick, tick, tick”.


-          My hand phone reception was pretty bad.


-          The development went up to such a stage that my incoming mails got delayed.

So I have no choice but got to send all of them off, and the strangest thing was as soon as I did that, all my mails arrived the next day.

Oh, in case you are wondering, all of the above incidents happen over a period of 7 days.

The key to this exercise is that the conjuration must be performed within the 7 days of the incident. The longer the timing, the weaker is the response. Then and again, don’t try it. Tempering with the deceased is not encouraged in all cultures.


  1. Don't say dead girl is pretty will save some life

    1. Too late ... I said to 4 dead pretty girls & they're in my house ..