Monday, December 17, 2012

Entering Realms Of Orang Bunian

The below ritual is useful for seeing and entering realms of Orang Bunian:


The method:


·         Find a river with clear water and not too deep.

·         Go onto a boulder and sit cross legged.

·         Recite prayer for setting up protective boundaries. For example: “Rajah Kalacakra”:

·         Recite “Suket Kalanjana” 3x then blow a brath onto your palms and rub against your eye lids (with eyes closed):

o   “Niat ingsun amatek ajiku si suket kalanjana, aji pengawasan soko sang hyang pramana, byar padhang jumengglang paningalingsun, sakabehing sipat podho katon saking kersaning Allah”

·         Performing a breathing exercise with your eyes closed, but you must concentrate on to your 3rd eye area.

·         Soon you will feel white light and gradually a scene will appear.

·         If you want to come back, think of your body until you feel comfortable.


I have tried this ritual and gone into a kampong with many village folks. They greeted me and we chatted quite happily, until suddenly I took out the Holy Quran and ask them to swear on what they have said. Surprisingly, no one would swear on the Holy Quran and I was subsequently awakened from my meditation. It was very strange experience indeed.

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