Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Bugis Jinni Conjuration Spell

Massaging with the help of a jinni, anyone?

Jinni cannot be seen as the word ‘jinni’ implies, it is something hidden. Not a single normal human being can see jinni, when a person claims that he/she can see a jinni with naked eyes, and then this person has a problem. It can be the jinni inherited that causes the person to ‘see’ another jinni. This type of ability is rightfully banned from Islam as in the possessing, and including in the category of working with the misguidance of jinni (QS Al-Jin 72:6). Likewise with all other major religions on the world. So as a pious person, you are so advised of the wrong in jinni conjuration.


Whatever the case is, there are indeed individuals that can summon a jinni through prayers or commonly known as ‘mantra’ recitations for satisfying certain needs.


Below is a mantra to conjure a jinni from Bugis, Southern Sulawesi. It is said that the jinni hence summoned is a good jinni useful in healing medic and non-medic illness, once a contact with this jinni is made; it is especially useful for a masseur or anyone who want to learn massaging.


According to my friend Zawira, in old days, people worked in fields or looking for fire woods in the jungle hence in order to relax their muscles, they look for masseurs.  

As a matter of fact, the effective of massaging does not only depend on the massaging skill of a masseur, but also with the help of a jinni. It is said that with the help of a jinni, the massaging effectiveness will be maximised. According to Zawira, the jinni will possess the body of the masseur for a while so that the masseur can perform his/her job satisfactorily.


Below is the mantra:


“Undu-undu nafasemu. Undu-undu batimu. Undu-undu nadimu.”


According to Azwira, although the above mantra looks simple, but the jinni that will come will help a person in need. Especially in the sports such as football, the demands for good experienced masseurs are always there and this is indeed a source of income in this uncertain economic climate.


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  1. How do I recite this mantra to call a Jinn for help.