Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hindu Goddess, Chinese Sky (摩利支天)

Homage To Goddess Marichi (摩利支天)


“Reciting the Brahmas’ sacred name; even your enemies will obey you.
Scarce wishes are fulfilled; I pay homage to the goddess of light.”


The above is praise to the goddess Marichi taken from Sadhana of Marichi.


Goddess Marichi is worshipped in Tibetan Buddhism as the goddess of dawn. She is worshipped during dawn and during sun set. According to one of the Ningmapa old trantric mind Terma:


“In the previous years, when the gods and asrus are at war, the gods’ aura gave birth to goddess Marichi. Her golden hairs emitted millions of armours to the gods and hence asrus are defeated. So the gods crown Marichi as “the master of wish fulfilling trees”, her name is “the godmother of light emitting tree.”


The chanting of Marichi’s mantra is said to free one from the harm of one’s enemies, harms during one’s journey, remove obstacles during long journey, prevent theft, robbers, trouble from authorities, natural disasters, calm internal and external unrests.


Taoists worship Goddess Marichi as “the mother of North Plough”. The accompanied Taoist ritual is the “rituals of the seven stars” (七星斗罡法)


The Japanese Ninjas however treat Goddess Marichi as “the goddess of war”. She was said to have stopped Kublai Khan’s navy during 1274-1281by sending strong wind that sinks all Mongolian warships. Her mantra “Om Marichiye Svaha” is normally chanted after the practice of kuji-kiri in the morning against the sun and facing one’s shadow.


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