Thursday, December 27, 2012

Beware Of 4 Killer Winds

The traditional medicine in Southeast Asia put much emphasize on ‘winds’. I was taught that in order to watch over one’s health, especially during the turn of a season; there are basically 4 types of winds that affect the well being of a person, well, in magical perspective of course:


Two internal winds:


·         Wind of fury

o   Watch your temper; your backache may be caused by a gust of fury.

·         Wind caused by late sleep

o   Wind of heat raised in your body can kill you.


Two external winds:


·         Wind caused by weather change

o   Winter is the time that the rate of fatality increases.

·         Evil wind caused by evil spirits

o   If one’s luck is low, then a spirit intrusion will cause various illnesses.


If precautions are taken, then the chances of getting sick will be minimized.


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