Thursday, December 6, 2012

Detecting Spiritual Culprits: Filipino Methods

We all have heard or read from detective story books that people say:


“The eyes never lie!”


Not many people are aware that the above saying also holds true in Filipino magic circles as well. Once a magician is confronting with victims of Engkantos, Witches or Devils, the magician can determine the strength, intent or character of the spirits possessing their victims by looking into the victims’ eyes. The victim’s eyes will give tell tale signs for the magician who wanted to perform exorcism on the victims:


Engkantos (Any spirits)


·         If a victim is possessed by a good Engkanto, the victim’s eyes are almost always closed or the victim dare not stare at the exorcist.

·         The victim may struggle but the victim’s reaction should not be violent and will not cause much harm to the exorcist.

·         If the victim stares straight at the exorcist with wide open eyes, then beware. This is a violent Engkanto and it will try its best to escape from the exorcist.

·         The victim would always ask aggressively “What the f**k do you want!” as if the victim doesn’t like to be looked at.

·         Try to get the name of the spirit and use the name to command it. Being able to know its name means that you are taking control over them. If the victim resist, then a traditional method is to put grind ginger on the victim’s left eye. It is said that the spirit hates grind ginger.

Witches’ Curses

·         When confronted, most of the victims will open their eyes to stare at the exorcist.

·         The spirit will remember the faces of those people around it and might take revenge on them; so it is best not to have too many people around.

·         Two types of reactions are possible:

o   Who took revenge: normally closed his/her eyes and remain calm

§  Don’t have to ask name, but demand the curse to be lifted up

§  First treatment: not harsh.

§  2nd treatment: If curse not lifted, then harsh treatment follows.

o   Who purposely cause harm:

§  When you ask: “why did you curse him?”

§  The answer: “because I want to!”

§  In this case, force it to reveal its name.

§  Put grinded chilli on both of their eyes if the spirit refuses to corporate.

Devils’ Working


·         If it is the working of a devil, then the victim’s eyes are always opened.

·         The victim can extinguish candles at a distance.

·         It is extremely difficult to catch a sorcerer hence best not to deal with them. A master sorcerer can kill or cause harm to your body and soul alike.

·         Let the experienced one deal with them.

Just a final note, whatever the case is; better find an expert to do the job so as not cause harm to the victim and yourself.



  1. I think you forgot the Stingray method, bash it till it breaks and speak the names of God. hehe

    1. Dat's what I am worry about ... In case if someone has used dis method and become a homicide case; the whole world will blame MagicSEA. Better safe than sorry ... ;-)

    2. I was speaking tongue in cheek, I haven't witnessed the stingray method first hand but on t.v. it works pretty well, some say on the aswang, mambabarang and who else. Perhaps bad gnomes and other pesky elementals.

      But if it were me I wouldn't do the stingray method without common sense, strong spiritual authority... and yeah allies too.

    3. U probably will be surprised when come to "magic", "common sense" is almost non-existant. Dis is especially true in the case of exorcism, anything goes.

      Just fairly recently there is a case in Malaysia dat a few adult members (4~5?)suffocated a young child by laying on top of the child, so said to protect the child from evil spirits... & they are living in a bungalow!

      I shiver each time I chat with ppl with "special" inclinations (U just can't imagine how many ppl are out there)... perhaps packing up magic & starting a blog on bakery would be a good choice :)))

  2. True hide from ppl know magic life more easy ...I go out only bring myself out ... To mmuch talisman or amulet make ppl look weird to you ... Abit abit Kong tau