Monday, December 10, 2012

Past Life Regression: Mind Games

Past life regression simply put, is a technique said to be able to bring someone back to his/her past life for treating hard rooted issues in this life.


Do I believe in reincarnation and past lives? Yes I do. But still, I have some doubts about this past life regression technique. The reason is that this technique tends to lead participants’ mind into producing a set of imaginary results and conclusions whatever they are.


For the people who have done shamanic, magic rituals or conjurations will have similar experience: first a magician will think he/she is in front of a cave, and then he/she proceeds into the cave and sees a light at the far end of the tunnel. So the instruction is to walk straight to the exit and the spirit guide/guardian angel/power animal or any terms one might use will greet the magician at the end of the tunnel. To me the past life regression is actually a repackage of the shamanic technique and nicely renamed.


Now let us walk the talk about past life regression technique (PLR):


Instructor: “Count backwards from 10, 9, 8, 7 … and relax. Now go back to 10 years back, what were you doing?”


Mr. Liew: “Oh, I was drinking coffee in Villach, Austria.


Instructor: “Okay. Now go back further to 100 years time, where are you?”


Mr. Liew: “I am in a glass house at the top of a hill facing the sea in Bali, everything is white.”


Instructor: “What is in the house?”


Mr. Liew: “Oh I saw a wardrobe full of white clothes.”


Instructor: “Okay. Is there anyone with you?”


Mr. Liew: “Yes. My mother is drinking coffee beside me.”


Instructor: “What is your job?”


Mr. Liew: “I am a coffee plantation owner.”


So on and so forth …


After the session ends, Mr. Liew is supposed to be amazed why he likes to drink coffee so much this life perhaps.


Of course if you have spare time, try PLR technique according to the above techniques and tell me what you think. My take is forget about past lives and enjoy this life so that we will not regret in the next life and seek PLR technique to find out what we have done in our past lives.


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