Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Overturning The Sky Mudra (翻天印)

Taoist magic utilizes many hand gestures or mudras as one might like to call them. Some school of thoughts said the mudras are an adaption from the Mantrayana Buddhism.
Okay, let us review one of more powerful Taoist mudra called “overturning the sky mudra”. This mudra can be used for offensive and defensive rituals. Amongst the usages are:
·         To remove the opponent’s magical blockage or boundary protection
·         To crush evil or unwanted spirits
·         To stop a tornado or a strong wind
·         To transfix a person or a spirit
·         To cure spirit possessions
A practitioner must not use this mudra too often as he/she may feel tired due to excessive energy drainage.


  1. Are the righthand's ring and small finger intertwining. Can you please narrate how to form.

  2. I have the same question as Ananta bec picture is not very clear.. I need help with removal of BM.