Thursday, September 20, 2018

Torsten's Doom (托斯滕的厄运)

Torsten was my university dormitory mate during my undergraduate studies that was about 25 years ago. I will try to patch up Torsten's own story with Hans and some of my own to complete this tale. This is a true story that conforms to the original structure quite closely but must fill in the blanks or the story cannot stay connect. After all, I heard half of the story from Torsten and half from Hans.

Torsten's story:

I got to know Torsten during the university orientation week when I moved to the dormitory. Torsten's room was just next to mine. 

Later due to our interests in occult matters, we did occasionally talked and exchanged some cultural information. Torsten told me that he had a new girlfriend, Jenny so most of his time he would be spending in her place. Like Torsten, Jenny was also into witchcraft matters.

One day as I was having lunch in the common kitchen, Torsten came into the kitchen and we chatted. I noticed his face looked pretty pale with eyes sunk deep into sockets and with occasional cough. So I advised Torsten to take care. But Torsten pulled a chair and sat beside me he said:

"Liew, I might not live too long but don't stop me now. Allow me to continue as I shall move away from dormitory and stayed outside...

I have started to connect with Lilith a few months ago.already. At first I tried many methods available online but my attempts failed. Then I found a manual in the library and the manual asked me to use mensuration blood to conjure; the one I could use was my girlfriend's.

This time the conjuration worked. Lilith came to me at night and we really had fun until dawn. Frankly, I didn't have such a fantastic time with Jenny. But I kept this secret from her at first.

At first, Lilith came to me once or twice a week. Then the frequency increased to almost every night. Until finally Lilith decided to stay with me for she say that she saw the potential in me and that she shall bestow me with magical power.

I tried to invite Jenny to play together with Lilith but she didn't like the idea. Since then I started to dislike Jenny. One day Lilith asked me to get rid of Jenny... I knew whet she meant but I dared not. So, I started a quarrel and purposely left Jenny's place for her own good.

I told Lilith I have no money to rent a new place, she assured me that someone will give me money. And true enough, a stranger dropped a hefty bag with a large sum of money. I took the money and rented a house. I thought the mighty Lilith was indeed powerful.

After moving into the new house. My neighbor who was an old man lodged a complaint on me because he said my place was filled with rubbish, Lilith said she will take care of the dirty old man. And, that too she has done it... the old man suffered a heart attack a few days later and died on his way to hospital.

Gradually, I couldn't satisfy Lilith's lust of wanting more sex. I wanted out but Lilith won't allow as she said I belong to her... She will follow me wherever I go... I think the only way out for me is death..."

Hearing something fishy, I asked Torsten to seek help at the local church or counselor. I couldn't provide any help as I already scheduled to return to Malaysia soon.

Torsten raised his hand and hinted me to let him finish. He said: "If you have the time and the opportunity, can you confirm if this Lilith is the real thing..."

I nodded my head and Torsten left the dormitory. The next news I heard was from Hans during the graduation ceremony. Hans said: "Torsten has committed suicide by cutting his own wrist. He wrote a small note that Lilith wouldn't leave him alone. So he has no choice to end his life that way."

Both of us stood in silent for a moment for there is no more words we could say.

The sequel:

Only after 10 years or so after learnt conjuration from Ishab. Lilith materialized in my ritual room though briefly but the message was clear: "I taught Torsten a lesson as he has no respect to woman. He only interested in having sex. I appear to you in a respectable manner because you conjured me in the name of God."

Understand Lilith:

I meditated upon Lilith's message and realized that in legends, Lilith was made of soil same as Adam. So she is as strong as Adam. In modern times, Lilith would be an active feminist activist. She is clever, pretty but certainly no whore.

This is the same as a pretty and sexy lady on the street would be treated as sexually open by most lustful men. If such mindset is used as a basis to pursue such a lady, he will definitely hit a brick wall head on!

So, conjuring Lilith with a correct attitude then Lilith will behave according to our attitude. 


If our thinking is righteous, then whatever spirits came shall also be righteous.

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