Sunday, September 9, 2018

Ghoul (土精灵)

Ghoul is an interesting spiritual entity. Many people equate a 'ghoul' as 'ghost' but both are of different entities. It is very difficult to differentiate from outer appearances as ghoul is said to be a 'shape-shifter' It can take the form of a ghost or animal.

I am not sure if there is a same comparison of Ghoul elsewhere other than the Arabian Peninsula. The one I can think of is the Malaysian 'jembalang tanah' or 'earth gnome'.

Old stories told that ghoul eats corpses and carcasses. This is partly true because a ghoul only interested in consuming 'nutrients' of the dead bodies. When a ghoul consumed the essence of a corpse, it can take the form of that person. Likewise if it sucked the carcass of a dog dry, it may take the form of a dog. This is the reason why it is extremely difficult to get a glimpse of ghoul in the wild.

Perhaps it is possible to get a glimpse of Ghoul around graveyards in Middle Eastern countries at dusk when the sky is still not too dark. I used to follow my conjuration master to go around graveyards before Maghrib prayer.

At times, silhouette of a figure in grey can be seen standing in front of a new grave. It stood still for quite a while if not disturbed. If a passerby was around, then the figure will vanish. After some time, a smoky fog like substance will arise from the grave.

Once the silhouette saw this smoke, it started to suck the fog into its mouth. Once the fog is gone, the mysterious entity will leave by a leap into the darkness.

Ahmad once told me that the entity I saw was a Ghoul and the fog that has risen from the grave is the soul of the dead. Apparently Ghoul fed on ghosts. Perhaps it is not too much to label a Ghoul as a 'ghost king'.

I have not attempted to conjure a Ghoul as I still find difficulties to tell the difference between a ghost and Ghoul. 

So said, Ahmad gave me a Ghoul and it took a while for me to learn how to take care of this precious commodity.

Other than the common chanting, a Ghoul would also need occasional recharge same as with other jinn from Middle East.

In order to charge my Ghoul, I will need to go around new graves and stand in front of the grave. By staring at the photo on the tombstone, I could draw out the soul power of the deceased and 'suck' it in to my body through my thumb.

Similar exercises can be done on carcasses of animals too Of course, young unfortunate deceased lying in funeral parlor is also 'yummy'.

Once a Ghoul is said to be in sync with its master, the master is said to be able to shape-shift too. Unfortunately I have not gone to this stage.

A Ghoul can be used to seek revenge, destroy an enemy and most of the time, it is meant for black magic purposes. 

Since I am spoil of spiritual choices, I have forsaken my Ghoul and move on to other stuffs. I am not sure if anyone else is keeping a Ghoul nowadays...

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