Monday, September 17, 2018

Ghosts Of Violent Death (凶死鬼)

The ghosts of violent death are black magicians' favorite ghosts especially those who died young. These young suffering spirits are believed to be extremely powerful and able to give out very accurate lucky numbers. Even so, I always urge those sorcerers to release them for good because I have never seen anyone who kept ghosts of violent death have good endings...

Many Taoist shrines in especially those ones situated in villages would erect a black command flag (黑令旗) to congregate those spirits of violent deaths. A sorcerer will go to the scene of car accidents or any place experienced bloodshed and lost of lives to collect blood spilled on the road with joss papers. These papers are then burnt below the black command flag. By doing this, those recently died will naturally be attracted to the flag and later be used by the sorcerer.

Once I visited a friend in Balik Pulau, Penang and saw a bloody young man with his head tilted to one side stood motionlessly in front of his shrine. On approaching the man, I saw his face was half dented with eyeballs almost fell out of the sockets. Only then I knew the man was a ghost.

I told this Taoist friend about what I saw and advised him to release the ghost as it was in agony and severe pain. But he just brushed aside my worries and said that his deities have the power to contain the ghost. He also said that he has a dozen of similar spirits more in his shrine. Since these spirits seemed to bring my friend more fortune because of increased of worshipers; all my concerns were nonsense.

Hearing his arguments I thought I better shut up. Not too long after my visits, my Taoist friend suddenly met with an accident. His motorcycle rammed into a huge angsana tree by the roadside. Due to the incident, he broke his legs and had to rest in his house for 6 months.

During that time, his shrine suffered lightning strike at the wake of tropical storm and the place burnt down within minutes. The place was too isolated and narrow for fire engines to enter so nothing could be done.

Just not so far away, another Taoist friend, Chong who also kept many of these ghost of violent deaths in his shrines. When I visited Chong, I saw many of these spirits were moaning and groaning in pain, many of them were crippled and they were still wearing their blood stained clothing. I couldn't bear to look at them not because I was afraid, but their conditions were too pathetic to watch. Again, Chong didn't heed my warning. 

One day his wife suddenly jumped down from second floor of their house and broke both of her legs. According to Chong's wife, she saw many bloody men and women went after her when she was hanging the clothes. Due to scare that she slipped and fell off from the balcony.

A few months later Chong accidentally knocked down his son when he reversed his car. The lad was seriously injured. According to Chong he couldn't understand why he switched to reverse gear as his intention was to move forward. Too bad that Chong couldn't see that his house was filled with those vengeful and furious ghosts.

Yet another pal, Bob who stayed near Tanjung Bungah summoned many drowned ghosts from last tragic Tsunami and his house was filled with those unfortunate spirits still wet and emitting the smell of decaying flesh. All those spirits were in cold, huger and pains as I saw them. 

Again, I warned Bob but he also didn't heed my warning. Consequently Bob and his family suffered weird skin diseases and all of them had these smell of decaying corpses. Luckily for Bob under his master's advice, Chong finally let go of his drowned ghosts and he and his family recovered within one month.

Even though it is annoying, I still must repeat my urge to anyone who are keeping those unfortunate spirits in their home to purify them and send them away. By keeping those unfortunate spirits in the house means that those spirits cannot rest in peace They cannot be found by messenger of the dead and these spirits are forced to stay in human world for all eternity in extreme agony.

Such a situation is not good for both the magician and the spirits. Luckily this situation is improving as not so many people practising ghost magic nowadays. I have to admit that I was once a fan of Maoshan (茅山) ghost magic... That will be another story to tell.

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