Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Conversation With God 1 (与神对话1)

Anyone can have conversation with God... All you need is one white candle and one good incense stick.

When a conjuror has a problem, or when morale; he cannot talk to his jinn or angels. The only thing he can do is to have a 'conversation' with God. Basically there are three levels to this type of conversation. Or rather should I say: meditation.

  1. Conversation in room
  2. Conversation in the open
  3. Conversation in the cave (darkness)
Level 1 can be practised by anyone without the need to perform conversation. To be precise this type of conversation is first short prayer and then silent meditation.

First, a person must choose a corner of his house where he shall not be disturbed. An empty separate room is the best. Then he can put in the center of the room a small table. There should only be a candle stand and a incense holder on the table. Absolutely no other pictures or idols allowed in that room please.

The conversation with God can take place at anytime a person likes but as a routine, once in the morning and once in the evening are best. For beginners, it is best to restrict one session to not more than 20 minutes or so and stick to this duration consistently.

The conversation can start with the recitation of part of the holy books or simply a short prayer. The most important point to remember is that a practitioner should refrain from making mental visualization on what he anticipated. That is to say the person should not imagine the appearance of angels, demons or even what he wants from the God.

Simply pray and then sit in silence by gazing at the tip of the candle flame. In a state of quietness, someone may cry or emotionally unstable. Cry then if he must as this will release the hidden energy inside the body.

Normally after a few sessions, the person shall stabilized and achieved initial tranquility.

This is a very simple yet powerful method to purify our mind and God will know what our wishes are. Just and it shall be given... over time of course.

Once I prayed to God but I didn't mention that I missed my late father. Then on that night, I dreamed of meeting my father on the street. He somehow quickly chased me away and said: "Go back! This is not the place for you!" And, I woke up in the middle of the night. Very strange.

Since then, a simple conversation with God always give me unexpected surprises.

Level 2 and 3 are no secrets too as they are consistently being used by prophets and the method also described in the bible. I think it is suffice just to practise the initial stage for most of us.