Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Conversation With God 3 (与神对话3)

The ultimate aim of conversation with God is to have a glimpse of the forthcoming Kingdom of God...

This is a difficult stage and it has been the dream of all conjurors through the ages to achieve this stage. There are dangers and the demanding for body and mind. So I will just describe this final stage for reading pleasure only...

First one must first master stage 1 and 2 of the exercises. The stage 3 is so-called the 'proof'. So far, in stage 1 and 2, we have the basic conversational experience with God and the presence of our guardian angels.

Now to bring this experience further, we must also able to proof this to ourselves that what we see is indeed what is said in the Bible. Hence the 'proof'.

This exercise must be conducted in a dark room or a cave for two or three days. So food supply is important.

Once a conjuror entered the room/cave, he will just sit quietly in the dark and perform a preliminary prayer. This is followed by summoning his guardian angel and after the appearance of the angel, the conjuror will try to concentrate on his angel until it glows and brightens up the cave/room.

There should be another demonic entity opposite to this guardian angel. If the conjuror panicked, then this exercise is deemed failed. However, if he retains his calmness, and waited patiently; he shall see a luminous city appears on top of him.This is said to be the Kingdom of God. 

I was told by my master that the God will tell whoever attain this stage. So said, I could only see a sort of geometric pattern similar to the Tibetan mandala. That of course, is sufficient for me already.

I don't know if anyone is successful in entering the Kingdom of God. But my journey in conjuration stops here and that is so much I can share with you for the moment. Please don't try this exercise as I have left out many details. It is too lengthy to describe and I am too lazy to type.