Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Between Religion And Science (在宗教与科学之间)

Magic to me is between religion and science.

Religion sets the theoretical aspects, and magi uses scientific methods to test and trial on if religious theories work.

Over the years I have tested some of the religious theories with some very interesting findings. But there are more experiments to be done to justify the usefulness of magic. For example: to what extend spirits can help us in our daily lives and what is the return on investment (ROI) like.

There is no tangible conclusions can be made so far unfortunately.

Yet, just as I am about to make conclusions, miracles do happen. It is precisely this type of miracles that kept me moving until today.

I will reduce writing now or else I would be repeating myself. After a while there are not so many magical items available in the most mysterious Indochinese countries.

If you need to hear more, then let me know If I have the time; and more information then I will surely share.

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