Friday, September 7, 2018

Wild Wild World Of Ghosts (野生的鬼世界)

The world of ghosts is almost similar to the wild animal kingdom because there is no labor law or health coverage. Ghosts may group together for survival hence forming various ghost groups with the strongest among the group members become the leader.

Most of the time ghosts must 'work' to survive, some of them are utilized by mediums, temples or other more powerful ghost kings.

Ghosts feed on our exposed human foods, fruits, bones and even dung. They also very fond of feeding on burning joss papers that the Chinese burnt to them. But this doesn't mean that a Taoist temple is filled with ghosts.because ghosts too are divided according to faiths. Some like Taoism, some prefer Taoism and others prefer Christianity. So, different ghosts will congregate in different locations. Some ghosts like to stay in secretion while other like to stay in group. In short, ghosts behave just like human beings.

In normal places where human beings are staying, ghosts lives quite orderly. There is no need to struggle for food and they will take their turns to help themselves. However, in unmanned shrines or shrines dedicated to wandering ghosts, then robbing and confrontation might occur.

We as human beings should not be afraid of ghosts as they are plentiful and lives among us. There is no best way to get rid of ghosts... I have tried all available methods such as reciting mantras, using talismans or even sprinkling of holy waters. No methods worked as the ghosts would return after a short while.

So it is best just to let the ghosts alone as they will not disturb anyone or make anyone one dollar poorer. 

When ghosts and human interacts in a same dimension, then the opportunity of much stable contacts is possible. I used to have many ghost friends but it is indeed not easy to make friends with ghosts because the ghosts normally have low IQ. You can imagine how difficult is it to interact with a mentally retard people in real life. 

So said, if we interact with ghosts too often, then they will become greedy and demand for more food offerings or asked us to do things on their behalf. This situation create nuisance to the human beings.

I have to admit that I did have a few very nice ghost friends who has helped me a lot until fairly recently. I will tell you about my ghost friends next time.

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