Thursday, September 20, 2018

Killed By Succubi (魅魔杀人)

This posting is a respond of some innocent interests on succubi.

Succubi are the talk of men over the ages as lustful men thought they can have sexual pleasure with those female demonic entities. This unfortunately is not the case. To outsiders, succubi are pretty and erotic creatures that can induce sexual experiences at night but in the eyes of initiated; succubi are just demons and they are certainly no where near 'pretty'.

There is no doubt that having a sexual relationship with succubi can kill and it is no reading pleasure too. The rate of a person meets his doom really depends on his health conditions really. Of course, a young and strong man will take a longer time to expire than an aged man.

Many people must have experienced 'hagride' or the Chinese would like to call it 'ghost press' (鬼压床). In hagride condition a sufferer will feel that he is transfixed in his bed and a force is pressed onto his chest until he is nearing suffocation. This pressure would suddenly be loosened and the person suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. This can certainly be explained scientifically.

Succubi operate the same way too... 

Contrary to common belief, a succubus does not enter into a person's dream to make love to him. Instead, it would apply a force onto his chest until he temporarily stops breathing. In a state of lack of oxygen, the man will instinctively awakened to a semi-conscious state. It is in this half-awake and half-sleepy state that he 'sees' a pretty succubus in his mind hence easier to aroused; and started the sexual assault. 

Having said so, this initial application of force onto a man's chest can be deadly to those with heart and respiratory problems. It is not impossible that weak or sick ones will be killed almost instantly.

Even strong young men cannot withstand the long term torture of succubi and fatality though is rare due to energy exhaustion; the side effects are lack of concentration, poor health, mental problems and all those combined effects will cause catastrophic accidents. Indulgence in sexual activities also attracts those energy hunger spirits to possess a man's body hence aggravates his problem.

Direct summoning of succubi is not a common practice in Asia but it was once quite a common practice among the Western occultists especially in Europe.

One of my German university friend, Torsten was very fond of conjuration practices and he was particularly interested in succubi types of spirits. Although he did invited me to participate in his conjuration of succubi rituals; I declined because I wanted to concentrate on my assignments first since tuition fees in UK is not cheap for overseas students then.

Since I was taking production engineering and Torsten was in computer science; we only met during dinner as we shared a common kitchen. It was after 3 months since our last conversation and I was shocked at torsion's health conditions: he has slimmed quite a bit and his eye sunk into sockets and he looked lethargic.

So I jokingly said to Torsten: "Hey man, when are you introducing me your new girlfriend... or you just DIY? Don't WORK so hard! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Torsten pulled out a chair beside me after making himself a cup of coffee: "Liew, let me tell you my story about Lilith, a very powerful succubus I have worked on..."

That was the last time I remembered that I talked to him as Torsten moved out of dormitory and the next time I heard his news was from Hans, his classmate. Hans said Torsten has committed suicide perhaps due to hallucinations or mental issues. The couldn't understand why a happy go lucky Torsten would choose to end his life that way; after all the graduation ceremony was near.

Perhaps next time I will tell you what Torsten has told me if I still can remember the details... Still the same old long winded story: Stay away from succubi... Interestingly I seldom hear about Incubi attacking women...