Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Ghost Of Slaughtered Man (他杀鬼)

According to Aminah, the ghost of slaughtered person or 'hantu orang mati dibunuh' only seeks revenge on the person who killed him/her. The definition of 'slaughtered person' also includes the one killed by black magic such as 'santau'. Even so, the materialization of slaughtered ghost can be disturbing to others as it ransack to seek out its killer.

As a black magician, Aminah has a way to deter her victim's soul from seeking revenge. This knowledge was said to have passed down from her grandma through her mother.

There are two methods in dealing with a ghost of slaughtered: the passive and active.

A quite common passive method is to hang buffalo horns that are wrapped with yellow or red cloth on wall then below the horns 7 pieces of white candles should be burnt for 7 nights after the victim is killed. In addition to the buffalo horns, the killer must also prepare sumptuous meal offerings to the deceased as an apologetic act.

As a precautionary act, fine sands should empowered with prayers should be spread around the killer's house to prevent the slaughtered ghost from entering the killer's house.

The killer is also advised to wash hands with water soaked with raw rice. His/her eye brows, chest and soles should also be smeared with charcoal for 7 days.

Such passive precautions are suitable to be used by a magician and common folks alike.

The active method on the other hand can only be used by a bomoh or shaman himself/herself. 

Again, there are two ways to dealt with slaughtered ghosts. One is to capture the ghost into a bottle and throw it into a river. The other one is already mentioned, to summon the slaughtered ghost as a spirit servant.

Of course, the later method will increase the agony of the slaughtered ghost. Such a stressed situation is neither good to the magician nor the ghost. Hence a more 'humane' method is just to captured the spirit into a bottle and does a 'sink test' in the river.

At the mean time, the family members of the deceased is forbidden to have fun (naturally) within the 7 days mourning period so that the ghost will not feel agitated. The personal belongings of the deceased are best to be discarded because it is generally believed that the slaughtered ghost will come to reclaim his/her items.

Just a side note, there is a belief that coins if found inside the pocket of a slaughtered person can attract fishes. So anyone who bring along such a coin to fish, he/she is bound to have a good harvest.

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