Friday, September 21, 2018

Three Generations Of Work (三代的努力)

Believe it or not, it will need three generations of work to perfect the real art of conjuration? The Chinese like to say that it takes three generations to run a family business, conjuration is also the same.

Many practitioners criticized me for exposing their secrets but little did they know that it really boils down to honesty and hard work to get a satisfactory proof. Once a proof is obtained, still more work need to be performed to refine and simplify the conjuration process so that only repetitive results are attainable and predictable. If the same result cannot be attainable or predicted, then a conjuration process is deemed failed.

We no longer desire magic that burnt talismans into water to let victim drink, nor do we want to use contact magic, magic square or magic seals. I am looking for the simplest form of non-contact magic through conjurations.

Generation One:

Many masters of past generations have conducted many authentic magic and conjuration rituals documented and undocumented over their lifetimes. This should be our foundation to perform research into conjurations. Our job is to salvage these going to be lost methods and give them a new breathe of air.

Generation Two:

This is our current generation.

There are just too many modern day New Age stuffs and man made imaginary rituals in circulations that serve no practical purposes hence only creates delusions and fantasies. These bogus rituals wasted a lot of practitioners' energy and resources. They are demoralizing and gives bad reputation to authentic magic.

Because of these false teachings and manuals; I have spent my lifetime and a lot of money to perform experimentation and finally over the years to refine down to only a few workable and reliable conjuration practices to be passed down to others.

Generation Three:

Whoever taken over the works done by generation 1 and 2 coupled with the wealth thus accumulated, can start almost immediately to work with existing reliable angels and demons the like without too much concerns on economic or time constraints. If a person starts at the age of 21, then by the age of 35 or so, he shall have a very solid foundation both in mundane world and spiritual world.

Of course, successor in generation 3 must be able to overcome his/her own bottleneck and move on to the next level. Or he/she shall not be respected by his/her spirits.


Since our human life is too short, it really need to call for a continuous effort of at least three generations of honest down to the earth work on magic and conjurations.

The postings in this blog represent the records of the magic systems that I have gone through with most of them I have abandoned because of their dubious usefulness and undefined source of powers.Some systems are clearly based on ghosts and low level spirits. Of course these systems are not dependable and I must also discard them as well.

The only workable and dependable system is the conjuration of biblical entities and this shall be further researched upon. A good magic system must also be able to bring its practitioner to thereafter and beyond. It is best to be able to have a foretaste before the actual event. In such a way, the magi's confident will grow and fortified. That is my ultimate hope also.