Sunday, September 16, 2018

Conjuration Of Al-Shaitan (呼唤撒旦)

Perhaps there is a truth in the saying that Al-Shaita (Iblis) is produced from smoke...

It is said that the angel is produced by light, the jinn by the fire and shaitan by the smoke. Maybe there is a truth in it.

The conjuration of Al-Shaitan (Iblis) is not a common practice. Not only the conjuration of Iblis is different from conjuration of jinn and angels, Iblis requires more maintenance at a latter date.

There are many methods in conjuring Iblis but the main ingredients are always blood and fire. Instead of frankincense or myrrh resin, benzoin resin is normally employed. My very special way according to Ishab is first to sacrifice a white goat. 

The complete goat hide together with head and limbs laid on the site where conjuration is to be carried out. The blood, internal organs and meat are kept as offerings.

The best place to conjure Iblis is in old battlefields, deserts, on top of hills, near holy places etc. This initial place is very important as the magician must return to this place every year or every 3 years to renew his oath with Iblis. It is best if the place is in one's orchard or on a piece of land where he shall not be disturbed.

Iblis conjuration must start after midnight and ends before 3 a.m. or so and during dark moon days of the month.

When the set up is ready, a bonfire is started on the goat hide as shown above. When the fire is in its peak, internal organs and meat is thrown into the fire piece by piece until thick smoke rises. Occasionally benzoin resins are added.

As the thick smoke rises into the sky, the conjuror must start calling Iblis to come. If the Iblis failed to materialize itself, then the conjuror can summon the help of his guardian angels or jinn

Iblis will normally appear inside the smoke if the conjuration is a success. At this point, the conjuror can speak out what he wants the Iblis to do. Normally Iblis is best inhelping in enhancing businesses, power and monetary matters.  

Once the pact is established. A conjuror may throw a ruby stone into the fire and made the Iblis to swear on its oath. On the confirmation of the oath, the conjuror must quickly extinguish the fire with the blood of the goat. Failing to do so will result the Iblis in breaking its oath. This is very important.

The conjuror must quickly leave the place without looking back or he maybe harmed by the Iblis and its followers.

The pact between Iblis can only be terminated upon the maturity of the contract and not before the period is expired. Breaking the pact means the life of the conjuror will meet with miseries due to revenge of Iblis.

Although Iblis is very feared of by religious folks, it is an important entity in grand conjuration practice as it is the agent to balance the angelic power and the power of jinn. I have also found that Iblis is quite similar to the fire god in tantra, the Agni through numeral fire puja exercises....

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