Sunday, September 9, 2018

The Child Of The Moon (古埃及公主)

I used to have an ancient spirit known as 'Ahmose' or 'the child of the moon' for it said that it was an Egyptian princess some 3000 years ago.

Ahmose was conjured by my other Egyptian master, Ahmad from the Vardi al-Malekat (Valley of the Queens) about 20 years ago. It is a little surprised that my line of spirits are mostly related to the moon.

We went to the valley at night. Luckily Ahmad is a local so he knew the shortcut to the valley which is always under heavy surveillance. I joined in just to satisfy my curiosity and to feel the mysterious Egyptian night at Valley of the Queens.

Ahmad performed his conjurations while I just sat beside watching. The area was quite scary for a foreigner like me and with those horrible curses of pharaohs still lingered in my mind, an occasional night hawk that swapped across my head would certainly gave me a terrible shock. 

That night's conjuration wasn't very dramatic. What I could recall was that it was almost nearing the ritual and a figure in white suddenly materialized between Ahmed and me. Ahmed quickly commanded the figure to enter into the ring. 

What I knew was that Ahmed acted very fast as once the spirit was bound to the ring, he urged me to hurry as he didn't want the authorities to notice what we were doing.

Ok. We knew that we had a spirit of some sort. Ahmed wasn't interested in keeping it as he prefers hard cash. So, he dug USD100 from my pocket and gave me the ring...

Now I have a ring with an unknown spirit and after my sailing life was over, I brought the ring and other items back to Malaysia.

All those while I had beautiful fantasy about meeting an attractive ancient Egyptian princess and now one is under my possession. I kept this fantasy for many years.

The spirit served me very well too... It warned me when people wanted to cheat me and it helped to find a friend who lost his relative in a crowded supermarket just to name a few. What troubled me was that the spirit never reveal itself.

Finally after a decade or so...

I was awakened in the dead of the night to see the figure of a lady clad in ancient royal Egyptian attire. The lady looked just like an old Egyptian princess as depicted in those old Hollywood movies.

So I asked her: "Who are you?"

"Ahmose, master." The lady answered.

I thought it was indeed my luck to come face to face with an Egyptian princess. Perhaps I could have some romance that night...

So I asked her again: "Can you turn your back to let me look at you?"

She nodded and turned herself facing me. But I still couldn't see her face. So I asked her to take off her veil and in hesitation she finally did...

Wow! I jumped out of my bed... It was the face of a 70-year-old lady with tiredness and wrinkle!

Ahmose said: "What do you expected master? I am here for around 3500 years already! I am tired..."

She vanished after saying those words.

I immediately sent Ahmose off first thing in the morning... So much for getting an antique spirits. Of course, Ahmose was only human spirits; aka 'ghost' not the jinn that I would keep.

Ahmad later told me that I can order Ahmose to change into a better looking shape but I declined. I always insist on the spirits to show their true form so that I can understand them better. Personally, I hate to live in a fantasy world.

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