Sunday, September 16, 2018

You Are Hired! (你被录取了!)

Believe it or not? I am now employed by the Hell Department as a 'messenger of death'!

If you see me in daytime then there is no fear.. But if you see me in your dreams, then you might need to follow me to go for a very long tour...

It started sometime ago when my aunt passed away. During one of my sleep I was suddenly approached by a Taoist yin deity the 'white face' (白无常) and he extended his right hand to me and said: "Brother, you are hired!"

Then I was asked to escort my aunt to a very large hall filled with 'people'. I could only stop at the brim of the door and my aunt walked into the hall.

When my father passed away, I again escorted him to the same hall but fell short of entering it.

Likewise happened when my grandma passed away, the same voice asked me to escort her into another room...

My late manager, Lee died of cancer. Before he died, he said he has never enjoy good car before so he ordered a $300k+ Merce but he passed away before his car arrived...

One night, I was summoned to find Lee. After some search I was guided to where Lee was. At that time, Lee was seen driving on a stretch of very dim street. I somehow walked to the front of his Merce and the car automatically stopped in front of me.

Lee alighted from the car and said: "Hey Liew! Long time no see... What are you up to now?"

I smiled and said to him: "I am good. Now, please follow me!"

Somehow or rather, Lee became very obedient and followed me to a gateway and he walked in. This was not the flamboyant manager Lee that I once knew...

There are many times I have escorted many unfamiliar and familiar people going through the door. At times I also got the 'luck' to open a book and read some records.. For example once I was asked to escort an old lady to a door and someone opened a book to a page with a few sentences: "She is paying her debt she owed 50 years ago.. Her son shall take over this debt."

At times when I escorted a person halfway, a voice would say: "Not time yet." And I will have to bring him/her back.

So, while people are sleeping soundly in beds; I would be wandering in the darkness and knocked on other's door. So, don't be surprised to see me in your dreams as you will know what it means...

When others are finally rested, my job is just started At least I will not be jobless in the underworld. Ha!

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