Monday, September 3, 2018

Conjuration Of Succubus (召唤魅魔)

There are already enough talks about Lilith in the net and there is a grimoire titled 'Liber Lilith' mentioning how Lilith should be conjured. I am not about to repeat the same story but to recall a story Ishab has told me. And the conjuration experience of succubus believed to be related to Lilith in Snai Peninsula.

Master Ishab believed that Lilith has eventually settled on the highlands of Sinai Peninsula with some of her descendant. The highlands facing the Red Sea is the home of these succubus. 

Ishab's said he obtained the information from his late master and he wanted to make a trip to that part of Sinai Peninsula to make contact with at least one of those entities if possible.

When the timing was right, we traveled from Cairo towards Sinai and headed south to locate an ideal location. The reason Ishab wanted my participation was that I was in possession of Lilith's ring. He wanted to use it as a bait to entice those succubus. This ring also served as a touchstone to test if the spirit summoned is authentic.

After travelling for a week or so along the peninsula highlands, we found a promising spot facing the Red Sea. Luckily also for us that it was approaching black moon. 

We decided to camp there for two days and made preparations for conjuration rituals. The main ingredients are some frankincense resins and fire woods to start a bonfire. 

The conjuration started when the sun begun to set. As the environment gets dark, we started a bonfire and occasionally threw in a few pieces of incense resins sufficient just to produce some fragrant smoke.

Then one of us would started to call for succubus while the other must make sure that the fire doesn't die down or the ritual might fail.

The conjuration continued until fairly late into night and the wind was strong blowing toward the sea. Our experience is that no spirit will materialize when the wind is strong.

We continued to sit by the fire and suddenly the wind subsided. Not long after that, I heard something was whooping from far to near. When I turned my head towards Ishab, he nodded and hinted me to be quiet.

Soon, a flash of blue light was seen hovering around us. At times it tried to approached one of us, and then retreated as if probing with curiosity.

Ishab commanded the blue light to halt and obey the ring of Lilith repetitively until it finally form the faint shape of a young Arabian lady in blue.

After the entity has taken shape, Ishab immediately threw a ring into the fire and commanded it to take her vow of loyalty. This is very important for if the entity rebellious against the conjuror, it will be tormented by the fire of hell.

The entity bowed towards the fire and vanished. At this point, it was approaching dawn and the ray of rising sun could be seen at the horizon. We were very tired but happy because our effort has not wasted.

With one succubus bound to a ring, Ishab was eager to return to Cairo so that he could perform more communication sessions with his new found spirit.

A few years later, Ishab conjured up another succubus using the ring of the first one. I didn't participate in his second excursion because I was sailing towards Japan from Saudi Arabia.

What I knew was that Ishab regarded both newly acquired succubus very highly.. And further story will be told later as it will be another long story.

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