Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Unsafe Thai Ghost Magic (不安全的泰式养鬼)

If you want to try ghost magic, the most complete and safe ones are taught by Maoshan school. I have found that the Thai style of ghost magic is not safe as the control structure of Thai magic is too fragile and the source of power of the master is also questionable.

Strictly speaking Thai magic is mostly notable with kid spirits be it kumanthong or dried baby fetus (lok kok) as kid spirits are easier to control and they are more obedient. Adult spirits would be a problem because of the limitation of rituals compared to other schools.

The highest order of power in Thai magic is the Buddha and sometimes Hindu deities such as Kali and Siva are conjured together. In field work, sorry to say that the name of Buddha has no power over spirits. In order to invoke power of Hindu deities, tantric rituals would be the best. Again, Thai magic has none of the above as it adhered mostly to the Theravada Buddhism.

Besides most Thai archan (masters) are not well versed in dealing with tantric rituals or Sanskrit mantras. A mixed system is the weakest point in Thai magic.

It would not be so bad if the master has control over spirits of the nature such as Phi Phop or mountainous spirits. Sad to say, most of the masters I met only dealt with imaginary deities such as Phra Ngan or Phra Pidta or the like. Worse if the lineage of guru is broken.

In short, it is safe just to forget about dealing with ghosts in Thai magic perspective. To some extent, Thai ghost magic is even weaker than the Malay Magic.

A friend of mine, Albert who has studied Thai magic for many years and he also kept many human skulls. His way of driving adult ghosts to serve him is by worshiping the skulls of those violent deaths such as hanging, murdered, killed in accident, drowned or being burnt alive in his altar without any supervisory spirits.

Although he has the protection of lersi and other deities, Albert still complaint that those ghosts would not act according to his wills. His health was deteriorating as well as his business.

When Albert asked me to audit the Feng Shui of his house. I shivered once I stepped into his house for the first time. When I opened my compass cover, the needle kept moving left and right and couldn't settle.

So I said to Albert: "I cannot help you. It is not Feng Shui. Your house has too much negative energy. Unless you get rid of the negativity; it will not be good for you and your family. Besides, I can see your forehead has a layer of black aura... Means that you are in serious life threatening situation."

I shook my head, closed the compass and walked towards the door.

Albert chased after me and said: "I have called my masters but they only came and sprinkle some holy water. Other than that they couldn't tell me what is the problem."

I looked at Albert and said: "There are some vengeful ghosts of untimely deaths. I can hear their moan and groan came out from your room. Unless you exorcise them or big problem will occur soon."

Albert silent for a while but he wasn't ready to let go of my arms. So I just stood to wait for his answer.

Finally Albert bit his lower lip and said: "What the heck, do what you will to solve my problem."

"Simple my friend. Your spirits aren't that powerful. Just give them a burial or cremation. That is all to it. Then burn some sulfur to fumigate your house. Be careful not to stay in the house during the fumigation."

One week later, Albert called me and he said his problem was gone. 

Believe it or not, a little sulfur smoke will not only chase away snakes, but also spirits as well. Be careful not to inhale the smoke as the smoke can be lethal!

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