Sunday, September 9, 2018

Marid Jinn (水精灵)

A Marid jinni is a giant size spirit that can be conjured along coastal areas.

Another jinni of interest and commonly conjured is the Marid jinni. This type of jinni is huge and it looks like cloud or mist from a far. It moves quickly but not as fast as an Ifrit but Marid has a milder temperament.

In the Middle East, Marid jinn are normally summoned along the coastal area of Sinai Peninsula and Arabian Peninsula.

Unlike Ifrit, Marid jinn has the ability to move physical object. My laptop once fell off my table due to my carelessness, my Marid jinni immediately supported the laptop and it was seen to take a gradual and slow fall onto the ground. The fragile gadget didn't suffer even a scratch.

In the process of Marid jinn conjuration, other water based spirits such as drown ghosts will be attracted. The difference between Marid jinni and drowned ghost is that a Marid jinni does not emit foul smell as the drowned ghost.

The conjuration of Marid jinn is as other spirits but they are more attracted to thick incense smoke instead of fire (naturally).

I am not so sure if there are anything similar to Marid  outside of Arabian Peninsula. Perhaps the Indonesian water spirits such as 'Deva Yakong' or 'Queen of South Sea' are variants of Marid. That is only my guessing and it would be interesting to find out if anyone has the time to do a comparison.

Master of a Marid jinni must dip himself/herself into water every two weeks or so at least. It will be best if the person stays near seaside. When a Marid jinni is near water source, its power will be at the maximum.

There are already a lot of information about Marid, one point I would like to add is that the location to conjure a good quality Marid jinni should be far away from human settlements, the water should be clean and not polluted. Clean sandy beach is best and the wind should not be too strong or Marid cannot materialize itself.

Conjuration performed by seaside with smelly water and mud may attract Marid of lower order or even other unwanted spirits that can be difficult to get rid of at a later date.

A Marid jinni does not usually possess a person but a drowned ghost will. So a beginner should be refrained from performing conjuration of Marid alone because if a person is possessed by other water spirits, he/she shall be dragged into the water and drowned. Companions are necessary; that is also true for safety wise.

I don't encourage you to do stupid things that I have done in the past. Articles about jinn are interesting to read but it takes years of endurance and trial and error to stay alive. Reading in the comfy of couch at home is the safest. Believe me!

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