Saturday, September 1, 2018

Learning Santau 2: Revenge (山道2:报复)

Ah Keat's ex-grilfriend jilted him for a manager in the factory. The couple was to marry soon and that caused Ah Keat to be heart broken. Love transformed into hatred and he vowed revenge. So, an old Bomoh gave him a bottle of santau poison and taught him the arts of santau making...

While waiting to see the old shaman again, Ah Keat decided to let his ex-girl a taste of this deadly poison. One night he dated his ex by the name Lily (not real name) to have dinner and congratulated her for the forthcoming wedding.

Later, I was told by Ah Keat that he has put some of santau material in Lily's food when she visited washroom. And we will just have to wait and see if anything happened to Lily. The old man said that santau normally takes effect within 7 days after entered a victim's body.

Although I didn't like what Ah Keat did, on the other hand; I  also dislike Lily as she was the company secretary and by the fact that Lily was quite arrogant towards blue collar workers; so she deserved a lesson too I thought. Besides, I can't stop Ah Keat for he will find any means to get his revenge. Needless to say that I was eager to know the effect of santau.

Since Lily was the secretary and her place was just outside of the manager's office, I purposely took a detour to the administrative office just to look at Lily's 'progress'.

Nothing happened for the first 2 days or so. On the 3rd day, Lily's face looked a little swollen with darker than normal eye sockets. She also coughed quite often too. I didn't see Lily on the 4th day and beyond so I purposely asked the financial controller about Lily. She said Lily was on medical leaves. 

Later I heard from Ah Keat who had visited Lily that Lily started to cough blood starting from 3rd day. Then she started to act crazy and she even killed her neighbor's chickens by severing their head and drank the blood.

News of Lily became crazy spread like wild fire in the community. Many people thought Lily was suffering from black magic and her parents were faithful Christians so they sent Lily to the church for exorcism.

The condition of Lily flip-flops for about 3 years and finally recovered after countless of prayers and blessing ceremonies. Though Lily kept her life, she was not really herself anymore. One thing for sure, Lily looked like a plump middle aged lady even though she was in her late 20's. Her manager fiance has also left her as he thought Lily has become insane.

Once I asked if Ah Keat would repeat his action, he said probably not because santau once released, there is no known effective cure. Even after the victim is cured, he/she will either lost his/her golden opportunities in life.

Before I left the company, I heard Lily was engaging in clerical services. And she remained single until today. That was what I heard from Ah Keat when I bumped into him in Ipoh recently.

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