Sunday, September 16, 2018

A Never Expire Contract (永不失效的契约)

If you think having a contract with the Iblis is crazy, then you will be even more surprise to hear that some people are willing to sign a never expire contract with the Iblis.

A Indian businessman, Muthu came to me a few years ago asking me to advise about a contract with Iblis which his ancestors have made about two generations ago. Muthu's ancestors were super rich merchants from Bombay dealing in jewelries. 

There was a will passed down from Muthu's grandparents that one of the offspring must return to Bombay to sacrifice a white goat to Iblis every year in order that the descendants continue to enjoy the support and prosperity given by the Iblis.

Needless to say that Muthu's grandfather was a super rich man with four wives. Due to their luxury lives; people started to overlook the pact with Iblis and they too were not very faithful in their religions. Gradually, perhaps due to the improper business practices; or it was really because the breach of contract with Iblis, Muthu's family line started to decline until Muthu's generation today.

Unfortunately for Muthu, he only learnt about his ancestor's pact with Iblis from his dying father's mouth. But it was over 50 years lapsed that no one returned to Bombay to sacrifice a white goat to Iblis. 

After he heard the news, Muthu vowed to continue with the pact and he has returned to Bombay for consecutive of 5 years to sacrifice a white goat. Since the cost of returning to Bombay and a white goat is not so easy to find. In addition to that he was just able to keep his head above the water; Muthu came to me for advise if Iblis is still willing to help him.

My advice is straightforward: Forget about the contract with Iblis as it will not keep its promise to a layman as outsider has no way to differentiate if Iblis is telling the truth or lies. A magician has the presence of jinn or angels as witnesses so forcing Iblis to tell the truth. Maybe Muthu's great grandfather was some sort of magician whom can control the Iblis until the binding of a never ending contract. Personally speaking, I wouldn't dare to sign such a contract...

So I said to Muthu that I can try to summon the Iblis that his ancestors had worked with but I will not renew the contract. Instead I will bind the Iblis to a stone and buried it under the ground until the end of the world; or until someone dug it out.

Muthu was quite reluctant to release the contract as he still hoping to return to the luxury live style that his ancestors used to enjoy. 

I read Muthu's mind so I asked him to return home and figure it out what he want to do next. My greatest present was Muthu's story of course. It doesn't matter what Muthu has decided later. My only deal with Iblis is to aid me in conjuration and nothing else.

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