Friday, September 21, 2018

Using Succubi (梦魔的应用)

Torsten just as many of the Westerners have apparently misused succubi very much until they received backfires. Just a clarification, succubi is also found in other parts of the world other than Middle East. There is an equivalent of succubi in the East too. The most notable one is the 'banana spirit' (香蕉鬼) among the Chinese and Phi Phop among the Indochinese tribes.

A better way to work with succubi is to bind them to stones and bring them along. In such a way these succubi can enhance their masters' aura so that they would look attractive to others. For example if a man is looking for a life partner, then he will look more attractive to the ladies. If he can attune to the vibration of his succubi, then he will have a lady over time.

Unfortunately until today, I still cannot control my succubi to promise me a deadline on when a person can zoom down to a good soulmate. This is still my continuous experimentation until today.

It would be unfair for me not to give you any real examples on real life succubi in actions. I would take my own experiment as example for discussion purposes only. 

I have two middle eastern succubi conjured from Sinai Peninsula more than 10 years ago and despite the protections and sustenance; they have not yet attracted any mates for me.

The succubi are two sisters, the elder one has radiant red aura while the younger has blue. Both of the sisters have very different characters and abilities too. That is a brief comparison that I could made to my succubi. Only in one occasion in a decade that they did disturbed me. That was when I was dating a lady introduced by my colleague.

Then a few years later two ladies, Lisa and Mary came by almost at the same timing. Lisa  is in her mid 20's and Mary in her mid 30's. Interestingly both of the ladies are very closed together and they knew each other too. Both ladies also shown similar characters of my succubi that they are both beautiful, sexy and playful. And of course, quite well to do.

Both Lisa and Mary have a lot of young and handsome suitors but most of them made a fatal mistake: they started to act obscene and showing them nude photos. Maybe these gentlemen thought both ladies were as lustful and sexually open as their appearances. Unfortunately, Lisa and Mary were only disguising.

Now that I am still in close contacts with both Lisa and Mary and only time will tell if the ladies were brought by my succubi. Of course, I am already stepping in to 50's and have no delusions of getting along with any of the ladies, Lisa or Mary. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Again, due to the fact that both ladies are business ladies of status; I must refrain myself from exposing more details. This is just to close the discussion on succubi and how succubi is best to be employed. Lastly, the above mentioned is strictly for my personal experimentation purpose only. Or else I would not survive beyond 60!