Thursday, September 6, 2018

Conjuration By Special Sauces (特制酱料招灵法)

During my field surveys on Thai magic, I have discovered an unnamed methods of conjuration. It is so disgusting that I have kept it until now and I couldn't find a name to describe this ritual. 

This particular ritual is known to be popular in Southern Thailand among local folks. I have not tested its efficacy but people such as social escorts who have tried the method assured me that it works.

The method is simple and there is a little variation in the ingredient used:

For summoning jinn

First a person must catch hold of a frog and put it in a container. Then he/she must crush it with a stone mortar at dusk at the back of his/her house. He/she should be sited on the floor and look into the container. Once a while he/she should raise his/her head and look around him/her. Slowly, this person may see jinn gathered around his/her.

If presence of jinn is detected, then the person can speak out of his/her wish such as making a pact. However, if no spirits are visible; then he/she can smear some of this frog juice on his/her face and the jinn will appear in his/her dreams.

Very importantly, this person must not forget to knock on the door as a gesture to 'invite the jinn' into his/her house or the spirits may not enter into the house.

For increasing ones magic power

In this case, more items shall be needed: frog, lizard, eels, snake etc. are cut into halves and put into a container. The ingredients are crushed with stone mortar until became juice. The juice is consumed as it is. 

Proponents think this will increase their magic power and charm.

For beauty and attracting male customers

Apparently this ritual is for woman of special interests. The ingredients are as above but with the addition of one's mensuration blood.

This time the ingredients are boiled into soup. This soup is later rubbed onto the woman's body and this is said to be very effective in attracting lustful men.

Personally I have no intention to try the above rituals out and if you do try them, then it will be at your own risks. The information is posted for your reading pleasure only.

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