Monday, September 17, 2018

The Final Journey (最后一程)

This is the final journey most of us will go through...

There is not many discussion on how our final journey looks like. Perhaps I can give you a glimpse as I have gone through this many times already...

Normal new souls will fall in the so called 'intermediate state' for around 3 to 4 days. After that the soul awakens and it will start its usual routine and does what it likes when it was still alive.

Then the so-called 'messenger of death' may or may not come to fetch it. Some souls have to linger for longer than expected.

If a soul is being fetched, it will be as shown above. Basically, the deceased's soul will not see this messenger of death. It will be guided by the messenger from the back to walk straight to an opening. The messenger will be able to see the dead soul and pushing it from behind.

There is no need for chain and shackle as basically new souls cannot resist and run away. Very frankly put it this way: There is only one way to exit.

As the soul is escorted towards the exit, there shall be recalling of what the person has done during his life time good or bad. So, as the soul proceeds forward someone would read so and so have saved 10 lives; or so and so has killed a cat 50 years ago... Sometimes it is just a series of reflections on both sides.

Of course, most of the souls would not recognize this as they are just too blurred during this final stage of life. Recall that ghosts are mostly blunt and they couldn't even remember their way home. So only the messengers of the dead can see what the souls see.

Sorry to say that I don't know what happened at the end of the tunnel. I have tried to catch a glimpse inside. It looks like an assembly hall filled with a lot of people sitting quietly and orderly. Waiting for reincarnation or the Judgement Day? Perhaps both are true...

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