Sunday, September 2, 2018

Learning Santau 3: Hantu Raya (山道3:鬼仆)

Soon it has passed 40 days waiting. We were supposed to meet the old bomoh in Teluk Intan. Since Ah Keat has sought his revenge on his ex, and that he wasn't too interested in practising the art of 'hantu raya' (big/wandering ghost); I went to see the bomoh instead. 
My purpose was also to get the santau material buried under the ground for 40 days.

Since I went alone, and for safety reasons; I decided to ask the bomoh to come out to meet me in a more civilized location in Teluk Intan. After some negotiation, the bomoh finally agreed to come out with a price of MYR1000. I agreed to his request as I wanted to see what this old man was up to.

So we met in a coffee shop just outskirt of the town at night as requested by the bomoh.

I was late for the appointment as I wasn't very familiar with the place and the bomoh was already there. When he saw me, he extended his right hand to me and at first I thought he wanted to shake hand... Instead he said: "MYR1000 for one hantu raya servant!"

A little stunned by his action initially, but I regained my calmness and said: "Tok (Grandpa), can you first show me my hantu raya please?"

The old man gave me a scornful and arrogant stare then he said: "Sit down grandchild, and I will show you..."

He took out a dark bottle and placed it in front of him and then a ping-pong ball was then put in front of me. Then he commanded: "My child, come to papa!"

Strange as it was, the ping-pong ball slowly moved toward the old bomoh. And to make me more confident, he then ordered the ball to move towards me; and it did.

Though a little disbelieved, I had to admit that something made the ball roll as commanded. Still unsatisfied, I asked the old man: "I thought I should summon it myself? And where is my santau material?"

The bomoh gave me a cunning stare that I know he was up to no good. After silent for a moment he said: "That would be another MYR360!"

I paid a total of MYR1360 to the old man and he taught me some methods of taking care of the hantu raya; and reminded me to give it a name.

It was already late when I bade farewell to the bomoh and since it was too late to drive home, I stayed in a budget hotel nearby.

After taking a shower, I took out the bottle and slowly inspect it. My instinct told me that someone was watching me and I raised my head and saw a tall hairy figure stood in front of me... It started to repeat: "Narong (small boy)... Narong... Narong..."

The mysterious figure was full of hostility and it slowly approached me. The atmospheric pressure within the room gradually increased and I felt difficult to breathe...

In a state of panic, I took out the oath bound ring of Lilith and pointed the ring towards the hairy creature. It started to retreat and then transformed into a blob of black smoke before vanished into thin air.

Soon, the room condition returned to normal.

Perhaps the creature was a hantu raya sent by the old man for some purposes and we shall see later. One thing for sure is that Middle Eastern spiritual entities are certainly much superior than the Asian ones...

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  1. Hmm...hantu rayau 😀 wandering ghost...could be an another theory of the origin of the name?