Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Kong Tao Removal (解降)

Basically, Thai 'kong' (curses) must be removed by Thai methods and it is best to be removed by the archan (master) himself. Unlike other systems, Thai curses can be very personal in that a master will add his secret formula to standard curses such as 'flying needles' and the already mentioned 'hair kong'.

Most of the Thai curses can be removed with standard kong tao removal methods given time and if the curse is discovered early. If the curse is cast for a long time, then even the master himself cannot help. Most curses can be removed except for so-called 'dead kong'.

If a 'dead kong' is cast, then the spell caster can still help during early days, but over a period of time when the damage is permanent; then only the God can intervene. 

The standard curse removal methods are:

  • Rolling eggs
  • Flower bath
  • Coconut rituals
  • A combination of the above
  • Magic duel
Rolling eggs

This is the commonest way to remove a curse such as flying needles and spirit possessions. Foreign materials will present inside egg yokes. Of course, there are many methods to put a needle or dyes There is one trade secret that no one will mentioned. To be effective, the egg must be smeared with 'nam man prai' (ghost oil) and spirits are normally used to suck the curses into the egg.

Flower bath

Flower bath can further be categorized by 5 or 7 types of flower. The 5 types of flowers are for normal luck attracting purposes while the 7 types of flowers are for curse removal. Any types of fragrant flowers can be used but some prefer not to use black and white flowers.

Coconut rituals

Coconut curse rituals come in many variants as well. This type of ritual can be used to remove bad luck or to remove black curses.

Combination methods

Most masters will choose to use a combination of methods such as egg rolling and flower bath.

Magic duel

No one wanted to be in this stage. As a matter of fact, to be able to engage in magic duel both masters must have certain degree of expertise in spiritual practices and the ability to perform out-of-body travel is definitely a must. So, most of the victims either been cured or died before a magic duel takes place.

Thai kong tao is complex

In order to show the complexity of Thai kong tao, lets take a look at the 'hair of flying head' curse:

The flying head's hair is derived from the common 'hair curse' once popular in Northern Thailand. This hair kong is not difficult to cure as it only stuff a person to dead in a slow manner. Basic treatment is to use fire elemental spirits to burn out the hairs inside the victim's abdomen coupled with herbal medicine to induce diarrhea so that all residue toxins are discharged out. When the toxins are removed, the victim is given supplement to aid in his/her recovery in addition to praying to Lord Buddha for peace of mind.

Basic hair kong has very low intelligence so it will not retaliate but the enhance flying head has two intelligence: one is the flying head and the other is a ghost. The power of the spirits are fed by the banana plant and the energy of the victim. This continuous supply of energy energizes the hair to grow more rapidly.

An unwary master when tried to remove flying-head's hair will often overlooked the spiritual aspect and concentrates only on hair removal process using fire elemental spirits. The flying head will work to suppress the spirit helpers sent by the healer, while the ghost continued with its hair growing job.

So at the end of the day, the healer would ran out of energy and not only he failed to help the victim, he himself becomes the victim.

This may sound very confusing in narration, it is more confusing in actual situation.

The cure for hair of flying-head

The first step to treat this type of kong tao is to remove the power source. In this case, as long as the banana tree is growing on the grave, the spirits are consistently energized with power. So, the tree must be removed first.

Then the spiritual link between the spell caster and the spirits within the body of the victim must be severed. This can be done by out-of-body travel to the opponent's altar and remove the obstacles.

Only then the standard healing methods are applied.

Hence, I still suggest a peaceful way to the solution. First a good healer is very difficult to find, secondly the black magician only looks for money and not to take life.


  1. Pls post more .. enjoy reading then

  2. Master Liew, I thought the rolling egg ritual is fake. I remembered last five years ago one herbalist gave our Mum an egg to roll on her entire body due a problem. After she rolled the egg,the herbalist ordered her to break the egg.we were shocked to see some hair in the yoke.But I now believed with this ritual.
    Thanks Master for the enlightenment.

    1. In fact most of the rolling egg rituals are fake... The eggs are first dipped into vinegar until the shells are softened. Then small needles can be used to pierced into the egg shells. Hairs or dyes can be injected using injection too. Basically the effectiveness of egg rituals are still questionable.