Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Mind Training & Conjuration (心理锻炼与役灵)

Conjuration is a physical and mind strenuous exercise.

First most of the time, a conjuror must be able to travel on foot to a geographical steep and dangerous location to seek out a potential spirit. Then he must also able to ride through the tests of his own mind. So, unless a person has a strong physique and mind; it is very possible that the conjuror will either died due to physical injuries or he may also become mad. Maybe this is why conjuration is an extinct art nowadays.

During the initial stage of spirit conjurations, a conjuror must differentiate between if the entity he has conjured is a real intelligence or the products of his mind (thoughtform), or if the conjuration is a success or otherwise.

In order to tackle our mind games, there is a set of mind training exercises specifically to help a conjuror to strengthen his mind. This type of exercise is known as 'mind-relaxation'.

The theory behind 'mind-relaxation' is very simple, a conjuror is trained just to observe and feel; and mental judgement is reduced to minimum. Basically most of the time, our mind can be too active for our own good.

A very simple example is that before a spirit appears, our mind will start to create and destroy many possibilities over a very short period of time. This unsettling state of mind causes anxiety to our mind and stressed up our physical body as well.

So, just imagine if we sit in the dark for one hour and our minds have already generated tens if not hundreds of thoughts about possible scenarios; our mind and body would be so pooped even before anything can make a debut.

This is the reason why an experience master will teach his student to adjust their minds so that they will not experienced self-destruction before real event takes place.

Having a relaxed mind is also important in entities identification even if the conjuror has psychic visions because in most of the time spirits can shape-shift and what we see may not be the real thing. A relaxed mind on the other hands sharpens our other senses and no spirits can escape our grips when all of our senses are activated.

Incidentally speaking, this type of mind-relaxation exercises are quite similar to the practice of Tibetan Dzongchen. Except that other than mind relaxations, a conjuror is also thought to feel each and every object he touches and grips repeatedly until he can really 'touch' the air.

Although my stay with Ishab was not too long, he did taught me some tricks until I could almost catch hold of a succubus who fondled my thigh at night. I knew it was a succubus due to my mind-relaxation training.

It was during my short stay in Egypt, somewhere past midnight, I suddenly felt a hand slipped onto my thigh. Instinctively I grabbed the hand and its texture was boneless and that it was as smooth as silk. The strange hand quickly retracted from my grip and vanished. Perhaps if I had been more diligent with my training and not fooled around, I had already apprehend this mysterious succubus.