Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Five Ghosts Ran Amok (五鬼发难记)

Human skulls used to be be worshiped in 5-ghosts ritual but if it is not done properly...

In the mid 70's to 80's, spiritual practices and witchcraft were at their peak. Many people engaged in ghost magic and 5-ghosts system was believed to be the most formidable of all spook magics in the market. That was when the telecom technology was next to zero. Strangely too... with the advent of intranets and smartphones; those ghosts and spooks suddenly lost their power...

During that dark age, human skulls can be seen display near Thai-Malaysia shops and they were sold as curios then. So many inspired sorcerers kept a few human skulls in their houses for magical reasons.

One of my pal's relative, Uncle Sam who stayed in Kota Bharu, Kelantan used to keep some human skulls for his 5-ghosts and Thai magic practices. Uncle Sam was a small merchant dealing with sundry goods and he used to travel between Thailand and Kelantan so he has good sources to obtain funny items such as skulls with fairly low prices. Incidentally, Uncle Sam was my initiator for Kelantanese Thai magic.

As I was told that Uncle Sam learnt his Maoshan 5-ghost system from a Taoist master in Kajang, Selangor. He paid about MYR720 for the ritual that I later found out it was a reprint from another Hong Kong publisher that only cost HKD10 then.

So, armed with the booklet and his newly obtained human skulls, Uncle Sam started to vacate a small room in his shop to set up a special altar for keeping 5-ghosts. Everything went on pretty smoothly and after 49 days, the empowerment for activation of 5-ghosts were a success...

Uncle Sam's business suddenly saw a boost in his sales, not only his customer based expanded he also got a little fortune from betting on lucky numbers.. 

According to Uncle Sam, at first he could see grey shadows moving across the walls in his altar, gradually the shadows took form and appeared in front of Uncle Sam. He wasn't too afraid of the ghosts as he trusted that his Taoist and Thai magic will protect him. And indeed until...

In normal circumstances, Uncle Sam's ritual room would be locked. But one day Uncle Sam was too busy and his small daughter and neighbor's kids sneaked into the room and ransacked the room. Not only the mischievous kids kicked the skulls around, they also sat on them and peed onto the skulls.

When Uncle Sam learnt what the kids has done after entertained some customers, his face became flushed green and a sense of bad omen rose from the bottom of his heart... Indeed, before he could seek advice from his Thai master, on the same night started in the ritual room, items started to be thrown across the room... first it was the candle stands, the incense burner, the statue of gods, chairs even the skulls were seen float in the air. Eventually five ghostly figures appeared in the middle of the air and they yelled at Uncle Sam.

Although Uncle Sam was an exponent in Thai and Taoist magic, all his magic protections were in his house not his shop. He tried to return home to get his magic whip and knife but items in his shop were being fling across the shop and his escape route was blocked by all his merchandise. 

Soon, some of the burning candles dropped onto those plastic wrappings and started to burn. Due to the fact that most of Uncle Sam's goods were dry items; they started to burn quite fast.

In a state of chaos, Uncle Sam started to yell: "You *&%%$# idots! You will cause us to be burnt to death!"

As Uncle Sam laid helplessly overcome by the weight of fallen objects, suddenly he felt water pouring on his head and suddenly someone pulled his hands and dragged him out his shop.

When Uncle Sam could finally raised his head, it was his friend Ali from the shop next door. Ali said he heard the commotion in Uncle Sam's shop and he smelt smoke. Since his shop was just next to Uncle Sam's anything start burning also means Ali cannot escape the consequences.

So Ali immediately summoned people from the kampung and broke into the shop. Luckily they were just in time to save Uncle Sam and his shop. But then Uncle Sam's shop was already in a state of mass.

It took almost 3 months for Uncle Sam to recover. When he told me the story, I asked him: "What happened to the 5 skulls?"

"Oh, LUCKY FOR ME! They have burnt themselves into ashes!"

Perhaps the 5-ghosts are not so intelligent after all...

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