Monday, September 17, 2018

The Hall Of Judgement (待审会堂)

There are a few types of waiting hall... This one is for the good folks of religions of God.

As a matter of fact, the soonest a soul enters a waiting hall, the better it is. At least this dead soul do not need to worry about shelter and to find food. However, as I said; not all souls are selected to enter this hall for a reason that I don't yet know. Perhaps I can ask my 'colleague' but we just rub shoulders and never talk.

I could not enter this hall of judgement perhaps I am still alive. Every time I opened the gate to the hall to let a soul in, I could see inside for a very brief moment and I would normally be forced to shut the gate due to sharp penetrating lights from the center figure. At times my vision would get blurred and I had to return.

The picture above illustrates the hall for selected clean souls whom are believers of God. The figure I have seen is normally a brilliant white angel praying in silent with sunlight shining from above. All souls seated in peace in prayer's mode. Simply tranquil. 

Basically all halls are the same. For those whose lives are not so clean, the central figure is still an angel with black clothing. The surrounding would be relatively dim. Some of the souls would show some kind of uneasiness or fear.

The waiting hall for Buddhist looked almost the same but there is no center figure; or at least I couldn't find anyone there. Souls in various forms: human, animals, hungry ghosts, demons, gods and human roam around. The scenery is just as same as our human world but without sun or moon light. Though the surrounding is a little dim just as dusk, objects can still be seen quite clearly.

The waiting hall for Taoism followers resembles a market at dusk. It is always dimly lit and people walks around doing their own businesses. I could only tell if the person is a male or female; or a girl or a boy.

I can tell you this far about what I normally see inside those 'waiting hall'. Some halls made me happy when I opened their gates, while the others I felt agitated. It is very strange that I have no freedom to go where I want but to follow the instruction of a mysterious voice. I always wonder if it could be 'God' or King of Hell? Perhaps we will know very soon...

As to which hall you want to choose, or it is your choice to linger in this human realm thereafter, the choice is completely yours. I am only a messenger to guide you there.

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