Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Conversation With God 2 (与神对话2)

It is also possible to engage in silent 'conversations' while walking and sitting outdoor.

Prophets like to walk, so do conjurors. Maybe this is no coincidence?

Once we have mastered technique 1 as described earlier, and we are confident that our mind is tough enough to face the outside world, then we can proceed to go out.

Attentive walking

The first exercise is to walk. This is not ordinary walking or jogging. It is similar to the Buddhist walking meditation. Each and every step is taken slowly and all senses should be put to feel the texture of the ground: hard, soft, dry, wet, cold or hot. At the same time, we must also feel our surrounding: is there breeze? Any particular sound or odor we like or dislike? And so forth.

Again, walk slowly in the open and don't judge or imagine or pray. Simply walking.

This exercise purifies our mind and aura, coupled with our previous practices; there will be angelic presences but we may not be able to see them at this point. These are our guardian angles.


Once we have done with some walking according to our ability, then we should find a safe but quiet place to sit down. The place should be able to enable us to have an unobstructed view of a vast piece of land or sky.

Now, slightly raise our head and look at the horizon. Be careful not to stare at the sun directly or the light will hurt our eyes.

In due time, only a selected few of us will be able to see our guardian angles. Don't worry if anyone failed to see the angle. This only means that some of us need to practise more.

This angle will guide you to the Garden of Eden and show you your Tree of Life and guide you after hereafter.

Just a reminder, safety is important. It is best to do this exercise in a public garden with people around.