Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Gift Of Lilith: Soul Mate (莉莉丝的礼物:伴侣)

So far I just touched about spirit to spirit matter and could spirit grant us anything physical and worthwhile?

Perhaps so. The story I am about to tell you is real. It is so real that you will not believe that this is true...

As you know that I have bound Lilith with an oath but it seldom appear and only once physically and also rarely in the dreams. Perhaps this time Lilith decided to give me a big surprise:

One day, I accidentally bumped into my ex-manager, Ong in Queen's Bay Mall in Penang. Frankly speaking, I never like to chat with those folks in managerial positions. So after some casual greeting exchanges, I was just attempting to wriggle my way away from Ong's grasp; he grabbed my arm and said that we should have a chat to catch up in Starbucks.

So, reluctantly I was half dragged and half glided into the franchise and Ong was so generous in treating a mug of expensive coffee. Then my dreaded chat begun...

Ong: "What are you up to lately?"

Me: "Oh nothing too excited about: eat and sleep. Ha ha ha..."

Ong: "You should be more diligent as me. I am now a senior operations manager with this newly setup electronics manufacturing firm..."

Then Ong started to blast out his lecture while I just quietly sipping the free Starbucks cappuccino while praying for the time to pass.

Then a pretty short haired lady approached us. Ong raised his head and suddenly became speechless. I thought Ong was attracted by the lady as she indeed has a pair of soul catching eyes.

The lady then fixed her gaze at me and asked: "Shall we continue talk later?"

Well, who can decline a pretty lady. After all, she looked beautiful and solemn. So I answer: "Yes dear, let us continue..."

The lady gave me a smile and turned her back to walk away. I was a little bewildered but enjoyed to look into her beautiful eyes. Since she didn't bother to look at Ong and Ong just stood transfixed beside his chair; I felt a little curious.

"Hey, Ong! Do you know this lady?" I tried to snap him out of his seemingly hypnotic state.

When Ong recovered from whatever state he was in, he exclaimed: "Are you kidding!? She is the owner of a overseas public listed company!"

"What is your relationship with her? You seemed to be very closed together?" Ong continued to ask.

"Oh, she is just my girlfriend." I said half jokingly.

"......" Ong was speechless and he made an excuse to leave.

As Ong walked away, I turned my head and yelled at him: "Hope to see you in your up coming interview! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

What I said is true but due to the sensitivity of the information, I can only stop here. 

To sum up, if the spirit we conjure is true with our uncompromising integrity and strong faith; and that we will not settle for anything of substandard, pleasant surprises will come to us. However, if we yield to lusts; then be prepared to meet our doom. Please treat conjuration seriously or don't do it at all.