Monday, September 17, 2018

Our Records (我们的记录)

Believe it or not... Someone will record down what we did in the past with witnesses too! Who says God is unjust?

My part time job also includes following those still living or already deceased around recording those unjust cases as claimed in a book.

Once I was asked to follow the soul of a newly deceased businessman to the house of a woman whom this dead soul said she has cheated his $200k and caused him to divorce his wife. This wife subsequently suffered mental depression and committed suicide.

Soul: "She used her beauty to swindled me to commit a breach of trust of $200k to my business partner 20 years ago!"

Lady: ".........."

Soul: "She instigated me to divorce my wife and accused her of using black magic to control my mind!"

Lady: ".........."

Soul: "She spread rumors until my wife killed herself!"

Lady: "..........."

On the surface it seemed that the accusation is done single sided and bias as the lady just kept silent during the accusation. And I just wrote down all the accusation on a black covered book. Of course, it was just one of those called to mission dream...

A few weeks later, a lady was charged of swindling of another businessman a few hundred thousand dollars in court of law and found guilty. When I took a closer look, the lady in the news looked pretty familiar to me... She looked just like the lady in my dream!

People said once a person found guilty and being charged in the court of law, he/she shall be forgiven thereafter. Or is it true?

Personally, I don't think so as God is not so forgiving and tolerant as our human court. People who stole hundred thousands of dollars at time maybe punished by 3 years' jail sentence. In the sense of ROI, it might just be worth the risk!

Although I don't know what God has in His mind, it certainly doesn't look too good to this lady in future.

So, don't think no one knows what we do, someone may be in the process of writing down all our doings in our back!

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