Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Do Not Commit Suicide (不要自杀)

I have come across many ghosts repeating their suicidal acts over and again at the scenes where they met their doom.

Once I encountered with a female ghost wearing red clothing when she committed suicide by jumping down from her apartment. The ghost in red gave me a shock as I though she will jump toward me and strangled me alive.

Instead this poor ghost just stared at me with her pathetic blank facial expression and then climbed up her flat and jumped down again in front of me.

I tried to communicate with her after she got up and asked: "Have you gotten your revenge since you are wearing red?"

The ghost in red replied still with her numb facial expression: "... I couldn't even find the one who has jilted me... not to mention to seek revenge. Now I am repeating this jumping down action until the end of my time..."

Staring at her back as she walked up the building for her next jump, I could only lament that however difficult human life might be, it is still better than becoming a ghost. Logically speaking, if human life is full of sorrow already, does becoming a ghost make any difference?

Let us forget about seeking revenge, worse come to worse; we might not even be able to find our way home. In a state of cold and hunger, we can only regret of our stupid action not to mention to seek revenge!

I have not heard of dying with red clothing can turn a person into a vengeful ghost. Perhaps this is the influence of 'Ghost Bride' 鬼新娘 movie or in a classic tale 'Peach Lady's War'  桃花女大战周公? It is quite unfortunate that people would believe in those fairy tales. I can only wish all those ghost in red good luck and hope their wish to seek revenge can come true someday.

While wishing those vengeful ghosts a success, I would like to implore everyone that suicide is a no go. Never have this idea in mind. I can see ghosts and if you can see them, you too will agree with me. Please take the words of a spirit medium for it before it is too late.

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