Friday, September 7, 2018

Ghosts In The Eyes Of Medium (灵媒眼中的鬼)


I like to talk to spirit mediums and tried to write down what they said latter. Below is a narration of what ghosts are in the eyes of a spirit medium with psychic eyes. If I have time, I will post them over time. This is the first of the series:


Ghosts look just like our human beings. To understand this, we just can take a mirror and look at our own reflections. Ghosts look just like our reflections in the mirror. They have features, colors and of course, feet too! The only difference is that ghosts are transparent. We can see through them. It is easier to distinguish a ghost in daylight than at night. If the night is too dark, then forget about finding a ghost; it is already very difficult to see a man!

It is not the sole privilege for spirit mediums to see ghosts, because of the fact that they have shapes; ordinary folks can see them at the corner of their eyesight. To the ordinary, ghosts would appear as if a flash of white light and as if vanished in thin air. Ghosts seemed to be able to move very fast, but the fact is that normal human beings cannot see them with straight eyes. So when the ghosts seem to have vanished, they are still around us.

Ghosts are not antisocial entities. They like to chat with human beings too but human kept ignoring ghosts because ghosts are invisible to them. In the eyes of a spirit medium, ghosts act like salespersons; they would smile and wave at anyone who walked pass them but only to receive no responses because ghosts are invisible to majority people.

I see many ghosts in my house and at times I feel pity to ghosts and wanted to offer them some deserts but in fear of attracting more. 

Once I tried to communicate with one ghost that approached me. I learnt that ghosts try to talk to everyone who walk pass them in the hope someone will be able to see and hear them. This situation is similar to a salesman randomly approach a passerby to sell his/her products.

Of course, most of the time spirit mediums and those who possess psychic eyes will pretend not have seen ghosts or they will have no time to go on with their daily lives.

Many people thought ghosts are powerful and they can go wherever they want to, become visible and invisible in a snap of fingers. In actual fact, most ghosts have very limited ability to move about; some even confined to a small area and failed to go out of that confined space for some reasons. 

I have visited a room haunted by the ghost of a woman who committed suicide.  The room was about 15 square feet and although it was not so big, the female ghost still cannot find her way out. To her, it was confined in a room without any exits. It is very pitiful to see a ghost in such a situation.

As I have observed, most ghosts cannot go through walls or even move physical objects. They normally go in and out of a room when human beings wanted to enter or exit a room. Their method is that ghosts will normally 'attached' to human or animal when they go out of a room. This is the same way a spirit possesses a living object. Some spirits will attempt to pass through door seams. 

I always advise folks to cover up their food and drinks because when foods and beverages are exposed, ghosts will naturally gathered to enjoy those delicacies hence stay put in their house. Once foods are covered, they have no food sources and forced to move out.

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