Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Ah Pek's Psychic Vision (阿伯的阴阳眼)

The medium Ah Pek suffered some momentary power lost but one day he visited me and said that after he has lost his mediumship capability, he suddenly found that he started to see 'ghosts'...

One night, he was reciting mantras so as to let his patron god, the Dragon Prince to possess his body; Ah Pek suddenly saw his late father came to him. In a state of shock he exclaimed: "Pa! What are you doing here?"

His old man said: "Son, what do you think? The Dragon Prince cannot come so dad came instead..."

"Who is the Dragon Prince then?" Ah Pek started to speak to thin air as he wondered about searching for traces of his late father.

Ah Pek's late father, apparently some kind of spirits by now said: "Dragon prince is your grandpa... And all the deities here are our good friends..."

On hearing his father's words, Ah Pek turned his vision to the deity statues on his altars and saw a lot of black and white figures.

"Yeek!!" Ah Pek jumped up and then lost balance and fell onto the ground.

Hi wife who is also Ah Pek's assistant, quickly stroke a bronze gong three times signifying sending Dragon Prince off and end of service. She quickly propped Ah Pek up and those visitors waiting to be served gathered around him.

People thought Ah Pek was sick and they wanted to send him to hospital but Ah Pek just shook his head. How could he told everyone what he has just seen.

The crowd was dismissed with the excuse that Ah Pek is sick.

A few days later, Ah Pek saw the spirit of his father, grandpa and a lot of unknown spirits in black and white gown waved at him. They yelled: "Let us in, Ah Pek! A 'winged god' refused to let us in..."

Ah Pek again fainted. 

He immediately contacted me and blurred what he saw... and he asked: "What winged god did they meant?"

I shrugged and replied: "An angel perhaps... or it could be the thunder god, Thor... But look at the bright side: now you can see ghosts! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

"Can you send him away?" Ah Pek asked eagerly.

"Pray to God that it will go away... Ha! Ha! Ha!" I laughed until I couldn't stand upright.

By the way, I am interviewing Ah Pek for more stories. :D

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  1. Many temples so called medium in trance actually mostly are possess by spirits that they keep and feed in the statues instead of the authentic deity from heaven. In my personal point of view la. Moreover, the actual deity won't be so free to travel to human realm once summon.